How to grow bigger butts?

Want to have round & big butts? And that too in a short period of time without much exercise? Then your main focus should be gluteus maximus & buttocks fat – the two things solely responsible for getting big butts. Here are a few things that you must follow to get bigger butts in a month or so without doing any hard workouts or exercises.

Ways to grow bigger butts

  • Change your diet plan – It is a very simple thing that one can go for without doing much of work. Have a close look at your diet plan & do the necessary changes that are required to be done. Start by cutting out all kinds of processed as well as junk food which turn out to be of no use for your body. These foods might make your life easy but would make your effort to make your butt look bigger quite difficult. So if you need to have bigger butts at once remove these kinds of food items from your eating list. What helps the most your butts to grow bigger is foods that are sufficiently rich in Carbohydrates, mainly complex carbohydrates such as rice, potato, bread, pasta & other such food items. Make a carbohydrate rich diet chart & try to follow it religiously; if possible have some carbohydrate rich foods before you head towards the gym. Not only Carbohydrates but also add protein rich food items in your diet chart. Food items such as chicken, different kind of pulses, beans, other meat items, fishes, milk products, soya & many more are very rich in protein. Having high carbohydrate & protein items in your diet will show its effect, where one will work on making your butt becoming bigger other will help your body to build up strong butt muscles.
  • Wear the right pants – Well it also depends on a lot of what you are wearing. The right pair of pants can do magic as it can make your butt look way bigger as well as perky. Suppose you have got a slim waist then go for pants that will sit tight around the waist like as skinny jeans or tight fitting boot cuts. Then suppose your waist turns out to be smaller than your hips then wear low waist jeans with your shirt that has been tucked in properly. It not only makes your butts appear bigger but also make you look tall.
  • Say ‘hello’ to high heels – Well as we all know girls love to wear high heels in every occasion if possible. The feeling one gets while walking in heels is invaluable. But wearing heels has its effect on the body posture. Wearing heels change the natural curvature of the spine thus producing an effect of protruded butts as well as boobs. Instead of going for normal heels it is much advisable to go for stilettos. You can see it for yourself that while you walk with those stilettos on your butt indeed looks an inch or two higher. But do not spend half of the day wearing heels, wear it for maximum 5-6 hours per day & do provide the proper amount of rest to the feet for the rest of the time otherwise it can produce serious strain effect on your body.
  • Simple exercises – Go for these simple exercises every day, you will enjoy doing those little exercises as well as it will help you to enhance your butt. Few simple exercises that one must go for are – jogging, running, gymnastics, playing volleyball, cycling, swimming. These are just a few exercises that help your butt muscles to get stronger.
  • Squats & others – Besides doing the above-mentioned exercises one must also do these few specific exercises like squats 3-4 times a day, lunges 2-3 sets & butt bridges 3 sets daily. You are sure to get results as soon as you start working up a bit.

These 5 simple hacks will help you get round & bigger butts in one month or so. Just follow them & keep your food habit healthy & it is sure gonna work.

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