How to Use Green Tea for Complete Body Detox?

The process of cleaning your whole body is called detoxification. Detoxification pushes the impurities out of the body. Green tea can be used for your whole body detoxification. It is one of the healthiest beverage on this planet. Green tea is stuffed with nutrients and antioxidants which have a powerful impact on your health. It has incredible benefits if it is used in a proper manner. The benefits it offers are improvements in brain functionality lower the chances of cancer, fat loss, and many other benefits. Some of the benefits of drinking green tea are described below:

  1. Neutralizing antioxidants: Green tea contains Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCH) which helps the body to get relieved from the free radical, which could be dangerous for your body. The free radicals try to attack and damage the healthy cells of our body. Damaging or killing of cells of our body can lead to cancer. So detoxification is very needful to live a healthy
  2. Weight loss: Green tea is considered as the best natural fat burner. It has become very popular in the fitness Most of the fitness models take green tea to maintain their weight. Green tea ceases the metabolic rate of the body which leads to burning of fat more than the usual rate.
  3. Rehydration: Another name of water is life. Green tea works just like water. It rehydrates your body. It increases the flow of blood to the muscles and thus helps in supplying nutrients to the cells. Green tea flushes out the body toxins, enhance your digestive functions, treat constipation and purify the blood.
  4. Better sleep: After detoxifying your body by drinking green tea, you will experience a better and deeper sleep.
  5. Fighting disease: Apart from neutralizing the free radicals, green tea also boosts the immunity power of your body. It also fights against genital warts, digestive problems and infection caused by bacterias.

Apart from drinking green tea, it can also be helpful if it is used in a different way. Used green tea bags can be helpful for your skin and hair as well.

Green tea bags can be used as:

  • Facial scrub: Facial scrub can be made out of leftover green tea bags. It exfoliates your skin as well as it will leave a glow on your skin. You can take out some tea out of the tea bag and mix it with sugar and use as a facial scrubber.
  • To relax puffy eyes: Green tea bags can be used to soothe puffy eyes as it contains tannin, which helps to shrink puffy and swollen eyes. Place a used tea bag over your eyes to get rid of puffy or swollen eyes.
  • Green tea bag as a face mask: Take out some tea from a used green tea bag and mix it with baking soda and use that as a face mask. Leave that mask for 20 -25 minutes before you wash it out. This mask helps in detoxifying your skin. It also tightens your skin as well.
  • Hair care: Green tea bags can also be used for hair. It nourishes and gives a shiny look to your hair. Take some tea bags and boil them for 10-15 minutes. Let the water settle overnight and use it in the morning.
  • As a face cleanser: Green tea helps to slow down the aging process as it contains polyphenols. It does protect your skin from sun damage. Cleaning your skin with green tea will give you radical free skin.

Green tea is the best natural solution for your skin and health problem. Green tea can actually give you an active and a better life if it is correctly consumed. Anything excessive is not good for your health. So if green tea is consumed in a right amount and in a proper manner, it can surely change your life. Green tea is that beverage which can refresh you rehydrates you and cleanse your body at the same time. So to have a better and healthy life start drinking green tea today.

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