Incredible Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt

One of the basic ingredients used in cooking is the salt itself. It not only makes food taste good but also maintains the iodine levels constant in the body.  There are a different type of salts like refined, table and cooking salt.

Himalayan Salt is the purest form of salt. This salt comes from Himalayas and is known as white Gold. This crystal pure salt provides various essential minerals to our body. Himalayan salt has beautiful pink, rosy tone in the crystals and this is the reason it is called as Pink Himalayan Salt.

Using Himalayan salt in the place of table salt can be one of the most beneficial actions towards a healthy life. Himalayan salt is very strong, so the consumption should be low as compared to table salt. It has very strong potent salt flavoring. Himalayan salt is made up of 85.62% of Sodium Chloride as well as 14.38 of other minerals. These minerals are magnesium,borate, fluoride,calcium,potassium .All these minerals provide many benefits to our body and below mentioned are a few benefits of using Himalayan salt.

  • Lowers Blood Pressure: Himalayan Salt is a healthy source of sodium. Sodium helps our body to maintain the blood pressure. It also helpful to control muscles, nerve transmissions. It also affects the heart functioning in a positive way.
  • Boost Energy levels in the body: Himalayan salt maintains electrolyte balance in our body. Whenever your body feels tired you can get your energy back by consuming this salt. It boosts the energy level very fast as compared to table salt.
  • Regulates Water in Body: Himalayan salt increases the hydration level in our body and maintains the quantity of water as well. It makes sure that the body has enough water.
  • Improves sleep: Because the Himalayan salt has many minerals, it improves our physical and mental health. When your body functions properly and your mind is relaxed you will automatically have a sound and healthy sleep.
  • Makes bones stronger: Salt is the best source of calcium and calcium is necessary for strong bones and teeth as well. By having lots of minerals and calcium, Himalayan salt helps our body to build strong bones.
  • Balance PH levels in body: Our body needs to maintain the balance between alkaline and acid levels. Himalayan salt helps our body to maintain this balance properly also helps our body to minimize the effect of acids present in our body.
  • Helps to recover from Goiter and Asthma: Goiter and Asthma like disease can occur due to lack of calcium and sodium. Himalayan salt is full of minerals which help to recover from these diseases. It helps the muscles to relax and to breathe properly.
  • Detoxifies body: Himalayan salt plays a beneficial role in detoxifying our bodies. It can be mixed with water while taking a bath. The electrical charge and various minerals of the salt dissolve in water and provide a detoxifying effect on the body. When you take a bath with this water it helps to take all toxins out of healthy cells.
  • Provides Strengthening Elements: Minerals present in Himalayan salt are necessary for our body. These minerals are important in building basic elements of our body like cells and muscles. Himalayan salt provides strength to our bones, connect tissues and maintain blood circulation.
  • Purifies Air:  Himalayan salt is not only used for the internal body but it can also be used to purify the air around us. By using Himalayan Salt Lamps you can purify the air as it draws the harmful toxins out of the air.

Himalayan Pink Salt has a number of benefits. It can be used as eatable or can be mixed in bathing water. Himalayan lamps are the best way to improve the air in your home as its elements purify the air by removing toxins from it.

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