These Kinds of Women Men like to Date with

Dating is a tough game. Some people are good at it while some ain’t. It does all boil down to one’s personality, A better personality attracts more number of opposite sexes. But what things make up this personality are specific. Some men might like a particular trait in a woman while some might like some other specific trait. It all is a matter of personal choice. But broadening up the traits we can tell these kinds of women men like to date with.

A man’s preference for a woman may vary according to his own personality but jotting all the major types down we can conclude which type of women are like by almost all men.

 These kinds of women men like to date with 

1. The smart one 

Smart people are loved by everyone whether it’s a man or a woman. Men prefer To date with women who are smart. The smarter the woman, the better she is at talking and knowing when to shut up. Simply speaking such kinds of women are hard to resist for men.

2. The emotional one 

The point may not seem any special in case of women since all the women are emotional, at least more than men. But frankly speaking men love emotional women. They may hate a woman who is always crying but they won’t let her down.

3. The caring one 

Who doesn’t love care? And if it is from a woman other than your mother it is a blessing. Men love such women who care for them, they love the woman who know how to treat them right, knows how to set their mood right and make them happy.

4. The social animal 

All men love women who like to socialize. Yes being an introvert sometimes can be okay, but having a woman who knows how to socialize and make friends is what every man wants.

5. The confident girl 

Confidence is the key. Everyone loves a confident person and same is the case with men. They love women who are confident. It is one of the qualities which makes a woman more appealing to a man.

6. The flirty type 

Flirting is an art and men love women who are master at it. A flirting women is kind of irresistible to men. Men like the kind of women who knows when to flirt and when to not. When to start and when to stop.

7. The responsible one 

A responsible woman is a gem to men. There are no men on the earth who would like to marry a woman can’t take responsibilities for her actions. Men like women who stands for their cause and knows how to do stuff.

8. The different one 

Yes, there are men who prefer women who are somewhat or completely different from others. The kind of women who do things differently, either by nature or just knowingly. Men like the uniqueness in these women.

9. The childish one 

We all have grown up to be adults but we all have that child in us who does come up every now and then. Men love childish women, their innocence drives men away. Men tend to get attracted more to such women who are childish in nature.

10. The mysterious girl 

Men get attracted to women who are mysterious. Unlike the women who pour themselves down on social networking sites with their statuses, men like women who keep their mysterious charm over them. Those women who have a different set of emotions and an attitude not easy to understand, makes the men fall for them.

Men have their own preference and liking for the type of women they want in their life. Once they find the right type of women its just a smooth sail for them thereafter. Given above are some of the qualities that men seek in women while dating.

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