Know What Your Blood Group Says About Your Personality

There can be many ways to know your personality but knowing about your personality through your blood group is quite interesting isn’t it? Many of us might not know but in 1972 a Japanese professor introduced in public a paper named “The Study of Temperament through Blood Type.” Though he did not have any specific logics behind this study of his but still many people accepted it. So let’s have a look what does your blood group has to say about your personality, but you need to know your blood group so that you can determine your personality.

Group A

  • If you are having blood Group A then you are a person who’s filled with worries & anxiety but stay calm outside.
  • You are Mr./Miss Perfect but at the same time you can be shy & quite sensitive & introvert too.
  • You are very thoughtful kind of person & don’t take your decisions in haste rather you like to stay stable.
  • You are fashionable but don’t prefer to go out wearing something loud or flashy.
  • You just love romantic settings & generally remain comfortable with people with blood groups of A or AB.
  • You tend to choose your career as an accountant or a librarian or as a writer, or would love to be a gossip columnist.

Group B

  • Group B people out there you are quite goal conscious & tend to complete the challenging tasks set before you.
  • Miss Charming that’s what you are! Can be quite outgoing & a good reader of people but at the same time for many of your close people you are the ultimate support system.
  • You may look as if you are very choosy but actually you are not. You don’t quite like to ponder over little things.
  • Optimistic! Yes, that’s what you are. You believe there’s a way to everything & probably that’s why you prefer to choose your own path rather than walking on the predefined path.
  • You generally find love & ease with people having B & AB blood groups. Your career interests lie in being a journalist, or the host of any T.V. show or a hairdresser or being in the military.

Group AB

  • So you’re of AB blood group ha? Well, then you will be having mixed up traits. As you have the combination of both the blood groups A & as well as B, you are likely to have traits from both the blood group.
  • You can be shy as well as outgoing, confused yet confident & can be the best support a person wants in life.
  • As you are the mix of two blood groups you generally tend to stand out in the crowd.
  • You are everything that a person wants to be in life – serious, patient, a good concentrator, intelligent & also admirable.
  • You can find your love life with any one of the blood group members.
  • Your career list goes like being a teacher, social worker or a lawyer; helping society!

Group O

  • People with blood group O tend to be the center of attraction in everything. You are the kind of person who can be termed as ‘social butterflies’
  • You are damn confident about your moves & quite popular among everyone as you are attractive as a person too. You are also a creative person.
  • Whosoever you meet in your life you leave an impression on them that are long lasting.
  • You are quite headstrong & it is impossible to change your mind once you’ve made it up but this stubbornness actually helps you to fulfill your aims in life
  • You’ll make a good partner with a person having blood group O & AB
  • You would rather choose your career among either being a banker or an athlete or even a politician.

 So go along know your personality & even know about others just by knowing their blood group.

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