Have You Been Down Lately? Try These 20 Simple Ways To Make Yourself Happy

Being happy at this age of social media is like a challenge. Every activity includes a hashtag and everything people do requires to be acknowledged by the social media. Real problems are getting bigger as we tend to realise that deep inside we are all alone and unhappy. Here are some pointers that can make our hearts happy with joy and laughter.

  1. Practise meditation. Deep breathing in and out will engage your body to take in more oxygen which will enlarge your brain activity.
  2. Get a pet. A happy pet like a puppy or a couple of playful kittens will definitely cheer you up when you get back home from work.
  3. Plant some saplings in your garden or backyard. Once they bloom, you will find yourself feeling content and blissful.
  4. Shut off all social media connections. Facebook, Instagram, twitter, they all tie us up in their fake world of misery preventing us from the task of making ourselves better.
  5. Read as many books as possible. Reading a newspaper every morning makes us anxious and it is the worst way to start a day, scientists have claimed. It is better to divulge yourself in a book.
  6. Take morning walks. A breath of fresh air striking against your cheeks will definitely lighten your mood and makes you feel pleasant.
  7. Make everyday goals. It is easier to follow a schedule once you create daily goals for yourself and stick to it. Once you have completed your task you can sit back and feel relieved and happy.
  8. Maintain a journal. Life is complicated and there are things that we cannot share with anybody. This is why pouring it all out in a piece of paper feels like a therapy with your own mind.
  9. Force a smile. A social science research has shown that people who forced a smile without a reason found it reasonable to become happy faster. It must be tired. It really works.
  10. Reward yourself. Given that you have worked hard the entire week, you deserve some reward for yourself. This will rejuvenate your mind to working even better for the upcoming week.
  11. Hit the gym. Exercising is the best medicine. It will help you get fit and you will also meet new people who you can bond with.
  12. Find a hobby. People collect stamps, coins, silverware. You can collect antique artwork, books and what not. A hobby will keep you busy and make you feel useful.
  13. Talk to the mirror. Looking into a mirror and telling your reflection that it will be alright and you are strong and a powerful person capable of conquering the world.
  14. Forgive your enemy. Sometimes, it feels better to let the anger go. Holding on to a grudge can make you 20 times less content in your life compared to releasing yourself from the web of resentment.
  15. Say sorry to whom you have wronged. We all are not perfect. Some of us have made mistakes and some have hurt people who loved us. Saying sorry to them will not make you low but it will only raise your humanism and respect for the other.
  16. Have sex. It is a scientific fact that having sex can make you feel better due to the release of love hormone which people presume to be ‘falling in love’.
  17. Clean your room. An organized room will clean will create space for new things. It will clear your mind and make you think clearly and in an organized fashion.
  18. Appreciate someone. Appreciating someone does not take up much energy but what comes after is a thank you which will fill your heart with emotion that will help you bond with them more efficiently.
  19. Listen to instrumental music. Music without words is like a harmony of the universe playing for us to sooth our souls and brain.
  20. Tell someone you love them. Telling someone that you love him or her has beautiful feeling of letting go. Building up the fear of being let down holds up grudges and resentment which will make you unhappy. This is why it is better to tell them you love them.

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