How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work?

Relationships are beautiful. Two people, living together attached to each other emotionally is a thing on its own. Though people who are in a relationship generally tend to stay together or at least in the close residence of each other there are times when the couples need to get separated for a while. This can happen due to multiple reasons ranging from job locations to family problems. Though relationships are complicated let alone the long-distance relationships. This is where the question arises of how to make a long distance relationship work?

What are the problems faced in long-distance relationships?

Though there are many problems faced by the couples in normal relationships, The long distance relationships are much more complicated to handle. Not being able to see your partner, not being able to be close to them can be very problematic for couples in long distance relationship. Communication is of the utmost importance in such relations. The constant urge to be close to your partner eats you away but if managed properly such relations can be worth it.

  1. Don’t over-communicate – Many couples think being in long distance relationship is making them go away from their partners and to compensate it they try to be in touch whole day or at the least maximum time possible. Do not do this. Excessively communicating is not good for any type of relation let alone long distance one. Excessive communication may lead to frequent quarrels and disregards for the partner.
  2. Plan your visits – Being in long distance relationship means not meeting each other much frequently, so whenever you get two meet each other make sure everything has been planned beforehand. Plan trips or movies together and tries to enjoy the time you spend together. Do not try to bring up sad moments during this period.
  3. Be honest – Many times people tell lies in conversation with their partners thinking they won’t get to know the truth anyway, don’t do that, tell them the truth. It might hurt but the truth is the way to go rather than telling lies and creating misunderstandings.
  4. Don’t be jealous – Since you won’t be spending together much of the “we” time, it is normal that your partner will be seeing his/her friends and colleagues more often than you. Don’t get jealous over this fact. It might sadden you or at most, it might make you angry over your partner leading to quarrels.
  5. Gift each other – Being far from each other doesn’t mean that you can’t even try to get closer. Gift little things to your partners on a regular basis. This will not only make them happy but also strengthen your bond with them.
  6. Choose a good communication medium – A phone call is not always possible or feasible to do, so try to settle over a good messaging app or chat platform on which you both are comfortable or try to choose a more better way of communicating with each other.
  7. Never have too many expectations – Having too much expectations in life can lead to disappointments and same goes for long distance relationships too. Don’t expect too much from your partner. Go with the flow and enjoy every moment you can.
  8. Be on the same page – Keep each other updated about your life happenings. Let your partner know how everything is going on. Recommend each other music, books, and movies. Doing this will make you acquaintance of each other’s choices and liking.
  9. Sort stuff out – Some days won’t be as bright as the others. You may have quarrels and issues with each other. Try not to make it worse. Try to understand each other’s points and clear the misunderstandings. Don’t keep things to yourself, if you have issues speak it out before they turn into anger.
  10. Love each other – Love shouldn’t die. No matter what, try not to hate each other for any reason. Love your partner even though you aren’t close to them, know that the separation is temporary. Remember the pleasant moments you spent together. Plant your future with your partner, this will make you more connected to each other.

Being in long distance relationship is tough to be in. Not being able to see your partner or not being able to be close to them is troublesome. But remember this all will be temporary. Try to be as close to each other even over the phone only. Try to understand each other’s feelings and respect them.


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