Menstrual Myths Decoded.. Let’s Break the Myths

In a country like India, there are various myths associated with the menstruation.  Though all women menstruate, but no one talks about it. In this article, we will discuss several common myths related to the menstruation.

Myth 1– A menstruating woman is cursed, impure or dirty.

Fact- A menstruating woman is not cursed, impure or dirty. Menstruation is a normal healthy body process. During menstruating, a woman expels out fluid, which is made up of blood and tissue.

Myth 2– A Menstruating woman cannot cook food or even enter a kitchen.  Doing so would ruin the food items in the kitchen.

Fact– Entering the kitchen, preparing food and doing other chore works will not harm anybody as long as general hygiene measures are taken.

Myth 3– Having intercourse with a menstruating woman spread sexually transmitted diseases and she may give birth to deformed child (in case she conceives).

Fact– Sexually Transmitted Diseases can be spread if any of the partners carry the disease and it has nothing to do with menstruation. Though having intercourse during those days can be messy, but in case you have and she conceives, menstruation will not have any adverse effects on the baby.

Myth 4- A menstruating woman’s touch can spoil a wine, bread or pickle.

Fact–  No scientific test has ever shown that menstruation could be the reason behind spoilage of any food or wine. As we mentioned earlier as well, a menstruating woman can prepare or touch any food item in the kitchen as long as general hygiene measures are taken.  She can cook food just like any other day.

Myth 5– A Menstruating woman should not take bath.

Fact– In the olden days, people used to take bath at a common place like near a river, pond or lake. This could create inconvenience and embarrassment to others if a menstruating woman too takes a bath at the same place. But now when we have separate bathrooms in our houses, it does not matter. A menstruating woman can take bath according to her convenience.  Rather, one must take a bath regularly to maintain general hygiene and cleanliness. Moreover, use of tampons, pads and toilet papers play a great role in maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene during those days.

We all are grown up and have survived in these myths.  But now when you have known that facts behind these myths ensure you longer follow them.  Menstruation is a normal healthy body process and there is nothing wrong with it.  All you just need to take care is, following good personal hygiene and cleanliness.

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