Which Milk Builds Better Muscles – Cow or Buffalo?

Milk is something which our mothers have been forcing us to drink since we were infants. Some might have developed liking to it and some might avoid drinking it. But Frankly speaking, Milk is very beneficial for health. It is part of a mandatory diet for people trying to build up their muscles. Milk can surely help you build up muscles but which milk? milk of cow helps to build up more muscles or buffalo’s milk? Read the article and get your answers.

What are the similarities in cow milk and buffalo milk?

Both the milks have the same taste. Seeing from the nutrition point of view, both are equally nutritious, and both provide a cooling effect to the body and relieve burning sensation if any, from the digestive system.

What are the differences between them?

Both kinds of milk are different in colour. Cow milk is yellowish pale in colour whereas buffalo milk is white. Talking about thickness, buffalo milk is a bit thicker than cow milk. cow milk is light on the stomach and gets digested easily as compared to buffalo milk. Buffalo milk can be preserved for a longer time as compared to cow milk. Buffalo milk has higher Vitamin A and Vitamin D content. Vitamin A helps to improve eyesight whereas Vitamin D helps in building bones and making them strong.

Which milk is better for building muscles?

Starting with the nutrition content, both the milk are equally nutritious, it’s just the amount of fat that is different. Cow milk contains 4% of fat whereas buffalo milk contains 6% fat. The protein contents are also a bit different in both milk but they are so small and since can be ignored. the protein content in buffalo’s milk is around 4% and in cow milk, it is around 3%. Buffalo milk is a bit thicker than cow milk due to the slightly higher content of calcium in it.

Both types of milk are good for your body but if your sole purpose of drinking it is building your muscles then buffalo’s milk should be chosen over cow milk because of these reasons –

  1. Buffalo milk is easily available than cow milk.
  2. Buffalo’s milk is a bit higher in protein content as compared to cow milk.
  3. Buffalo’s milk has a better taste.

If you drink cow milk you get 3.2 g protein, 3.4 g fat and 61 calories while if you drink buffalo milk you get 3.4 g protein, 6.9 g fat, and 97 calories. Some people might be worried about the higher fat content in buffalo’s milk, but there are low-fat options available in the market. Similarly, protein content in buffalo milk is higher as compared to cow milk by 15%.

If your sole purpose is to build muscle, buffalo milk is always preferred over cow milk. But while consuming it certain things should be taken care of like since buffalo milk is having higher fat content it is thicker in texture and therefore a bit heavier to digest. Cow milk also has higher levels of cholesterol which can put you at risk of heart diseases as compared to buffalo milk.


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