Natural tips and home remedies to recover from vaginal delivery

Becoming a mother is the world’s best feeling for women, giving birth is a life changing process. This new found bundle of joy is not only a source of happiness but responsibility as well. And this source of happiness comes with its fair share of discomfort, soreness, pain, postpartum trauma, constipation, vaginal bleeding, breast engorgement, cramps if one had a vaginal delivery. Here are few tips and remedies to recover from vaginal delivery and help you enjoy the new phase of life.

Tips to recover from vaginal delivery:

  • Healing Soreness: Vaginal soreness is quite a common phenomenon especially if one experiences any tear during the delivery. In order to ease the pain, one can soak a sanitary napkin in witch hazel. Witch hazel has anti-inflammatory properties and can soothe soreness.
  • Kegel Exercise: Practicing Kegel exercise helps to strengthen the pelvic muscles and helps in healing the area between the rectum and vagina. Squeezing the muscles of the vagina for a minimum of ten seconds and there after releasing it for ten seconds, repeat the procedure for twelve to fifteen times would be of great help
  • Post –Partum Trauma: Post partum emotional upheaval is a very common phenomenon. Depression accompanied with anxiety is a part and parcel of becoming a mother. For some women this phase of emotional upheaval fades away quickly, while for others it persists for a longer period of time, which can affect lives in many drastic ways, thus it is better to consult your doctor to help in coping with those erratic emotional changes.
  • Exercise: Exercise is yet another effective method to combat the issues generated during and after childbirth. Working out not only helps to regain the lost strength and energy of our body but also calms down those erratic hormones thereby uplifting the moods of new moms. Walking and swimming are some best options to choose from
  • Hemorrhoids: Hemorrhoids are caused due to all the pushing and pressure exerted on the bottom. For some new mommies, it goes away within weeks after pregnancy. But in order not to further worsen the condition, one should resort to natural laxative for easy bowel movements.
  • Rest: With a new life to take care of new mothers often forget to take the much needed rest, thereby overexerting them. Which at any cost should be avoided, take the required amount of rest, sleep when the baby is napping so that you don’t suffer from energy drain.
  • Sanitary Pads for bleeding:  After nine months of no periods, there can be a huge amount of post delivery blood flow, , thus it’s wise to be a little cautious, wearing maxi pads will help you control the overflow of blood.
  • Ice Packs: Soreness, itching and pain in the crotch area are very common after vaginal birth; this is where ice pack can save you the trouble. Tucking them under the underwear or sitting on them can ease the soreness.
  • Healthy Diet: Now that the baby is born, your carving for everything spicy, sweet and unhealthy should take a back seat indulging in fiber rich food, juices, fruits, helps your body recover its lost strength and energy.
  • Poop Woes: constipation is another post child birth problem that challenges women, it is important to have a regular bowel movement, but that should not involve straining or pushing. Drinking plenty of fluids eating high fiber diets can come to the rescue.

With the amazing job that your body did it is quite obvious to experience certain discomfort. But if the discomfort persists it’s always advisable to consult your doctor for help.

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