Orgasmic Sex Positions To Spice Up Your Life

Orgasmic Sex Positions To Spice Up Your Life

Sex is a very important part of a married life. It is not only necessary for producing babies but also for pleasure. Many people do have good relations with their partners but they lack the ability to impress them sexually due to lack of imagination while having sex. The inability to imagine and create new sex positions might end up in dissatisfaction for you and your partner. Using the same old positions daily might end up getting boring and un-orgasmic after a period.  So here are some orgasmic sex positions to spice up your life –

Orgasmic sex positions to spice up your life 

1. The sexual plank 

This is surely a position for the more physically fit type people since it requires more muscle power than usually required in sex. To start with female should stand on her fours and the man should get behind her. Now the man should pick up the females legs and penetrate her. This position is somewhat like the doggy style pose but a bit different and helps to stimulate the female’s G-spot. It also helps to work out the male’s arms.

2. The Furniture X 

This is a very simple but an orgasmic position to indulge in. All you have to do is get a chair and sit on it. Lean a back on it and stretch your legs as far as you can without slipping. Now make the woman get on you while facing you and sit on your hip. Let the woman cross her hands around your shoulders for support and enjoy the sex drive.

3. The Scissors 

Well as the name suggests you will look like human scissors in this position as far as the looks are concerned. To start with choosing a platform to lie on. A hard platform like a table is preferred. Make the female lie on the table with her legs completely stretched outwards. Move the legs upwards to form an angle of around 90 degrees. Now the male has to sit in front of the female with his butt close to the females’. Penetrate her and make her legs cross you on the back. The crossing of legs increases the friction giving both the male and female a huge orgasmic feeling.

4. The Flower 

Well, this is one of the best positions if you really want a great orgasmic feeling, and it is very simple and stresses less too. To start with the male should sit with his legs crossed like usual. The female should sit on top of the crossed legs and wrap her legs around the male’s torso. Make sure you leave enough space to make your moves. Hit the G-spot or any other pleasurable spot and get the best orgasmic feeling ever.

5. The Frog 

This a bit tricky pose but once done right it is equally enjoyable. Get to the corner of the bed and plant your legs down on the ground while sitting on the edge of the bed. Let the female squat over your thighs while being at the edge of the bed while keeping her back towards you. Support her posture with your arms and continue with penetration.

Sex is a very important thing in everyone’s life. But going through the sexual routine and positions daily might get a bit boring. given here are some great sex positions that will help you to spice up your sex life.


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