Is Your Penis Normal? Things you Need to Worry About

Men do you know what is the actual size of your penis? Or is the shape of your penis even normal?  You might be contended & satisfied with your cock, but for your urologist it might seem a bit different. If this is the case, then you must listen to his advice rather than taking the ‘reigns of the horse’ in your hand. So here are some expert advice that are given by urologists themselves. So if you’ve had this then its time to visit the doctor.

  • Is there a Patch? – Did you just notice a reddish, bit velvety piece of skin on the shaft of your cock just below its head? Though you’re not much worried as you think it is nothing but a chafed skin. But if you did not have sex in a while & still that painless & insensitive chafed skin remains than according to urologist chances are there that you’ve got penile cancer! So if you pay a visit to the doctor on the very first day you’d seen this chafed skin you can get it cured through surgery, but if you are reluctant to visit the doctor thinking it to be a trivial matter, then later you might get your penis removed!
  • Got blood! – Did you just get some drops of blood in your urine?? Then there are high chances that you’re having stones in your kidneys or your prostate is enlarged. But if you get little drops of blood in your underwears then don’t panic, they are quite normal to say urologist. If there are spots that are clustered around the patch & the place seems to be itchy, then you should probably go & see the doctor now
  • Have a look at the curve – Seeing any change in the curve of your erection? Kind of severe than the normal curve you get during erection & also feeling some kind of hardness in there? Then probably you are suffering from Peyronie’s diseases. If you don’t treat it within time, then it is going to be painful while you’ll be having sex or worse can even lead to the broken penis! I’m sure men don’t want that, so if you face this problem go to a doctor.
  • It’s tight – The skin near your cock feels tight? Then probably you are suffering from lichen sclerosis says urologists. You feel as if you have to push hard while you are urinating. Well this disease is many caused due to hormonal imbalance. So it is better you pay a visit to the doctor because if you leave it untreated then chances are there this can further lead to cancer or stoppage in your urinal tract.
  • Bumpy stretch ahead – Boys between the ages of 15-35 are likely to get testicular cancer, which is quite likely to happen as this is the most common form of a disease. Symptoms include hard & painless lumps on the balls. If detected earlier then there are chances that you’ll be cured but if you delay it will become incurable. So keep a notice on the bumpy stretch while you bath, because this is probably the best time you can examine yourself thoroughly.

So the next time you enter your bathroom to urinate or to take a warm shower make sure you watch yourself & even every inch of yourself thoroughly. There’s no shame in seeing oneself isn’t it? Because if you don’t see down there carefully then how can you see whether you have any of these signs or not.

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