What is Your Poop Color? Know what it says About Your Health

The normal color of the stool is usually light to dark brown.  There can be certain changes in the color of the stool depending upon the food you eat. Several changes in the stool color are normal, however, others should be evaluated.  The possible reasons behind the change in the stool color can be food, drinks, medical conditions, illnesses, etc.  Below mentioned are the several possibilities of poop color and their causes. If your poop color is bothering you, we advise you to consult a doctor.

Green – The green color of the poop can be because of the green leafy vegetables you take such as spinach or kale.  The presence of iron supplements or green food colorings such as ice pops or drink mixes could also be the reason behind the green color of the poop.  However, it can also mean that the food passed through the large intestine too quickly and bile did not break it down completely, because of which its color remained green and did not turn to brown.

White Colored or Clay-Colored– The light, white or clay colored stool can indicate a bile duct obstruction.  Bile produced in the liver gives brown color to the poop. When the poop is light in color, it can mean liver has not produced enough bile.  It signifies that you need to detoxify your body well.

Yellow– This color is common among babies especially those who breastfeed.  If the yellow poop looks greasy and smells very bad, it can indicate that it has too much fat in it. This could be a sign that your body is not digesting the food properly.

Red/Black– The black color of the poop signifies bleeding in the upper gastrointestinal tract.  It can also mean that you have pushed too hard which has led to a small tear in the anal canal lining.  If you are experiencing half teaspoon of blood accompanied by pain and discomfort, it needs to be evaluated by the doctor because bleeding can be caused by internal hemorrhoids.

Brown– The ideal color of the stool is brown. The toothpaste like the consistency of the poop represents that it has about 75% water and 25% bacteria and fiber.  You are getting all the fiber in your diet and your digestive system is running smoothly.

Blue or Purple- The blue or purple poop color represents intense food coloring in your diet. This could mean you are consuming something that has intense coloring material used in it. There is nothing serious about it.

Small Pellet Like-  If you are stool is hard and coming in the form of small pellets,  it means you are dehydrated and your diet does not contain enough fiber.  It also means that the food stays longer than it should and the color extracts water out of it making it hard and form pieces. The solution to this problem is simple; you should drink at least 9 glasses of water every day and eat fiber rich diet.

Very Loose- The loose consistency ( but not diarrhea like) of the stool can be a sign of food sensitivity.  It can mean that you are allergic to something which is irritating your digestive system and is creating excess mucus that makes your poop loose.

Most of the times, the poop color can greatly depend on what you eat. Since we do not eat the same thing every meal every day. Therefore, if you are seeing the different color of the stool every day, it is advisable to consult a doctor and seek expert guidance.  The color of the stool signifies your health condition. Hence, we advise you to keep an eye on the color of the poop so that you can take necessary action.


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