What are the side effects of birth control pills?

What are the side effects of birth control pills?

Let the Pill Cure you and not Harm you

Medicines are taken to cure certain diseases and prevent certain situations. However, some medicines are very effective but they have a lot of side effects. Medicines like painkillers, certain cough syrups, and birth control pills top the list. Birth control pills are very effective. It has been seen after research that women who consume the pills daily have been successful to avoid the pregnancy. Whereas increased pregnancy rates have been seen in women who did not take the dose properly. Women all around the world consume these pills to avoid pregnancy.

Side effects of Birth Control Pills 

However, before consuming the pill you should be aware of the side effects that are likely to occur and ways in which you can avoid it. These side effects are listed below:

  • Vaginal bleeding in between expected period dates has been observed in many cases. Over 50% of the women consuming birth control pills experience this symptom of intermenstrual spotting. This can occur due to various reasons. Usually, the bleeding occurs because the body is adjusting to various different levels of hormone during this time. However, if the bleeding persists for five days or more and also if there is excessive bleeding you should consult a physician.
  • When you just start taking the pills you might experience a nausea tendency. This is a very common symptom and occurs almost in all women. To avoid this, you can mix the pill and have it with food or have the pill before going to bed. If the situation is very severe do not hesitate to consult a doctor.
  • Birth control pills may result in weight gain. This is so because the estrogen cells at times become larger and lead to weight gain. The fat cells are affected because of the largening of the estrogen cells and lead to weight gain. There is fluid retention in the body also. Especially around the hip and breast areas. You tend to increase weight for this reason too.
  • Breast tenderness is another side effect of birth control pills. Your breast tends to become tender and large at times. You can prevent this by reducing the intake of caffeine and salt. However, if there is lump formation or excessive pain for a long period then you should report this to the doctor. Any abnormalities must be checked by the physician.
  • It is seen at times even after taking the birth control pills properly you might miss your periods. This can be due to various reasons. Stress, illness, travel, hormonal imbalance or thyroid abnormalities are the main factors influencing this. However, if the periods continue to be missed or becoming light while you are on the pills you should do an immediate pregnancy check-up and also consult a physician.
  • Birth control pills lead to mood swings. It is one of the main and common symptoms of consuming birth control pills in women. It has been seen that there is a thinning of the cortical in the brain of the women consuming these pills. The cortex of the brain is linked to the evaluation of incoming stimuli and also reward response. Consumption of birth control pills disrupts these functions and leads to mood swings.
  • Headaches are another side effect caused due to the consumption of birth control pills. Migraine problems also develop in many women consuming these pills. It is seen that with time the headache problem also diminishes. But if the problem tends to become more severe and prolonged medical attention is definitely required. So, do not hesitate to consult a physician.
  • At times the appetite falls. You do not feel hungry and consume very fewer amounts of food though your weight tends to increase. Under such circumstances follow the doctor’s advice properly.
  • There is always a tiredness and loss of energy.
  • The birth control pills must not be consumed for a prolonged period of time. They might lead to prevention of pregnancy at later stages of life when you actually want to conceive it. It leads to infertility situations in certain cases. So, it is better to use protection and have a safe sex rather than consuming birth control pills later.

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