Skin and Hair Care Tips for Men with Dark Skin

Dark skin is not what many people are proud of, but having dark skin doesn’t make you any less beautiful. Men having dark skin usually have an inferior complex with their fair counterparts. Men usually have darker skin tone when compared to women but having dark skin should never be considered a problem as even with dark skin you can make yourself look handsome and charming.

What determines the skin color?

A pigment called melanin is responsible for the color of your skin. There are two major components present in melanin which are named as eumelanin and pheomelanin. People having light skin tone produce more pheomelanin and people with dark skin produce more eumelanin. The skin and hair care routine for men with dark skin is same as of people with light skin with the addition of just a few more things which suit their dark skin tones.

Skin care tips for men with Dark skin 

  1. Hairstyle – Hairstyle or haircut can be a very important feature which decides the look and structure of your face. A good haircut can uplift your appearance a lot while a bad one will make it look unsatisfying. While going for a haircut, ask the barber about the best haircut which might suit your face. Haircuts should be taken according to the face structure.
  2. Beard & ingrown hair – The facial hair or the beard can be utilized in a very great way to add to your physical appearance. But for men with dark skin, many times while shaving razor bumps are created due to shaving. To remove these hair bumps a mild scrubber should be used. If the problem still exists try to gently massage the shaved part with a mild cleanser.
  3. Scalp and dandruff – There is nothing worse than an unhealthy scalp for your hair. Since people with dark skin are prone to have bad hair, a good scalp is what should always be maintained. Dry scalp is prone to dandruff and dandruff affects your hair much more than you think. A proper care of the scalp should be taken, use of effective shampoos should be done. Massaging the scalp with oil is also very effective.
  4. Acne – Acne can be a big trouble for dark-skinned men since darker skin tones are more prone to acne. Acne can leave your face permanently damaged due to pimples and acne scars. To avoid make sure you wash your face at least twice daily. Use benzoyl peroxide once a day if you already have an acne problem.
  5. Dark skin patches or marks – Sometimes there are dark skin patches on your face or other skin areas due to tanning or due to bruise marks. These patches are hard to get rid of but continuous use of lemon juice on the affected areas can easily help you to bleach the patches out.
  6. Moisturize daily – Dark skin tends to dry more quickly as compared to white skin, so the use of a moisturizer is the must. These should be used at least twice a day, once after taking a shower or washing your face and secondly before going to bed.
  7. Using sunscreen – Though dark skins are naturally less prone to tanning due to sunlight, they aren’t completely full proof to tans. So whenever going out, use at least an SPF-30 sunscreen, apply it on your face and exposed areas.
  8. Winter care – During winters skin tends to dry up and dry skins appear darker than usual. So moisturizing them is of utmost importance. A few drops of honey mixed with lemon juice when applied before going to bed can prove to be a great remedy for dark skins in winter.
  9. Hair care – Hair products should only be used which is really required. Using of hair wax, gels and colouring them should be avoided. These things make the hair weak and prone to break and fall.
  10. Face wash – Face washes are very important. The traffic and pollution that you encounter daily might take a toll on your skin and therefore washing your face with a mild face wash is very much essential for dark-skinned men.

Having Dark skin is not a curse. People having dark skin should not be ashamed of it. But talking about the care needed for darker skins, it is more as compared to lighter skin tones. Above given are some of the major things that need to be taken care of if you have dark skin.


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