Things Every Guy Should Take Care of when their girl is ‘PMS’ing (Premenstrual Syndrome)

Women face a lot of troubles in their day to day life, external factors were not enough so they have Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) too. For those who don’t know what PMS means, it is a collection of different symptoms that are linked to a woman’s monthly periods. The symptoms of PMS may start occurring in women as soon as before 1-2 weeks of their regular periods occur. The symptoms usually go away on their own once they start bleeding but the effect it causes on the woman are different for each and every woman. For some, they may come and go without any troubles but for some, they may be so intense that it might even make the daily chores an impossible task for the woman. The men of these women may face an array of different situations depending upon the mood of their woman which changes quite regularly. Here are some Things Every Guy Should Take Care of when their girl is ‘PMS’ing (Premenstrual Syndrome).

What should guys know about PMS?

1. Irritability 

This is one of the most important aspects a guy should consider if his girl is PMS’ ing. The girl will be pissed off for no reason. She might get mad at anything anytime. You wouldn’t be wanting to mess with her when she is in her worst mood. Be aware.

2. Unexpected Bursts of Tears 

PMS also causes unexpected and untimely bursts of emotions for the girl which may end up in unstoppable tears. She might be sitting on the couch and out of nowhere might start crying. Don’t stop her, let her cry. Go and just hug her.

3. Craving for Food 

Unexpected mood changes also cause an unexpected craving for food. She might want to eat an ice cream for one second and might hate ice cream the other. Some women may develop cravings for salty food or some might develop for sweet food. It’s all normal in such conditions.

4. Fatigue 

Women who are PMS’ ing might occasionally feel too much tired and won’t be able to do any work which requires physical labor. If you face such a situation, then let your girl rest for a while.

5. Social Withdrawal 

Women usually may be social butterflies, but while PMS’ing They may get social withdrawal symptoms. They may like to stay away from crowd and friends for that week. Do not force your girl to go to a movie or anywhere else if she doesn’t want to.

6. Acne Bursts 

Women, during PMS’ing may get acne bursts and pimples might start popping up on their face. This is caused due to unbalanced hormonal changes in their bodies during this period. Just keep them telling that they are beautiful no matter what and everything will be fine.

7. Headaches 

Women also get severe headaches during PMS’ing and there’s nothing except not making her more angry that you can do for her. Just maintain your distance and don’t trouble or worry her.

8. Cramps 

Cramps are the worst part of the PMS’ing syndrome. Cramps cause your muscles to pain excessively to a limit that it may even seem difficult or at the worst impossible to walk. Use warm water to get rid of cramps eventually.

Women go through a lot in their life and PMS is just one of those few problems they face everyday. As her guy, if you can’t help her just don’t make things worse for her. Above given are some common problems that women face during PMS, read them and try to avoid problems caused due to these reasons.


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