Things Only You Will Understand Being a Single Child

The loneliest digit is one. Being a single child you will get used to some of the most common sarcastic comment as well as sympathy from the strangers. Being a single of the parents is not easy. There are certain things which can be understood by a single child. There are few things that a single child faces from the childhood to his adulthood.

  1. Never had anyone to play with: People out there will always be sorry as you had no one in your childhood to play with. You will listen to many stories about how your friends and their brothers used to play in their childhood. Sometimes it seems like you have missed a major part of your childhood experience.
  2. You become awful in a case of sharing food: Being a single child you get habituated to eat alone. You never had a practice of sharing food with your brother or sister. This would make you face problems with sharing food with anyone. And this problem will arise once you start making friends.
  3. You always come between your parents when they are fighting: this is the biggest problem faced by any single child. They got to face the whole situation by themselves. They do not get a partner to share the situation. No matter what is the topic for their fighting, you will always get between them. Sometimes it happens like the parents just shift their topic and drag the child in between and make it another topic. It is like a nightmare for every single child.
  4. Lack of tolerance: Being a single child there will always be a lack of tolerance in your life. And that is pretty obvious because you had no one in your childhood days to tease or to get teased. So after you grow up a bit you start making friends and that is the point where you start to face problem regarding making fun of you.
  5. Attention: Obviously the only child of a family will get a lot of attention. Sometimes these attentions become troublesome. Anything more than necessary is bad. Getting too much attention often leaves no space for anyone.
  6. Parent’s approval: This becomes a nature of a single child. No matter how much they are grown up they will always look for their parent’s approval. They are brought up in this way only and this behavior becomes their habit.
  7. Imagination: Every single child has a very strong imagination power and that is because they have been doing this from their childhood times. This is one of the main things which can only be understood by a single child only. Child those who do not have any brother or sister, they spend their time by imaging different each of them having different stories. Most of the times their imaginations are weird and unrealistic.
  8. Playing a multi-person game: Every single child out there must have tried to play multi-player game once in their childhood. This is the most common thing that is faced by a single child. They do not get to play a multi-player game with their brother or sister. So instead of sitting back, they play multi-player game by themselves only.
  9. Never bother to be alone: Unlike those children who has brother or sister single child do not bother to be alone. Actually, they find out more comfortable to spend time with them. For them, it is not so common to hang out with friends. However, that does not mean that they do not like to chill out with their friends but hanging out with some friends is out of their comfort zone. Except for the single children out there no one can know that how comfortable to be alone and self-consumed.
  10. Self-sufficient: Single children are always self-sufficient. They do not need anyone for any situation. They can handle anything by their own. They do not feel that they need support from anyone for anything. This feeling can only be felt the only child of a family. Unlike those kids who have brothers or sisters, single child is basically more self-sufficient.

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