Tips to Avoid Hair Fall this Rainy Season

 Monsoon is a pleasant season, but it is not as pleasant for our hair. There are a lot of reasons that can cause hair fall like stress, excess use of chemical products on the hair, but, high humidity in monsoon creates a menace of rising hair fall. The acid present in the rain is so deleterious that it weakens our scalp and causes excess hair to fall off.  Since we cannot avoid rain, but we can surely do something to avoid the menace of excess hair fall.  So, here are some tips to avoid hair fall this rainy season.

  1. If you lose like 40 to 50 strands in a normal day, then chances are high that you lose more strands of hair in monsoon than any other day. So, in order to avoid this problem to happen keep your hair dry and moisture free.
  2. Try to make minimal or no use of chemical products on your hair. Due to high humidity, scalps become itchy and dry in a monsoon, and use of chemical products on your hair will harm your hair which will further lead to hair fall. So, say NO to any chemical products for your hair this Monsoon.
  3. Another tip which will be useful for you to avoid hair fall is to not shampoo your hair more than twice a week. Yes, you heard it right. Washing hair excessively is also the major reason for hair fall. Monsoon means humidity, so avoid washing your hair not more than twice a week.
  4. Do not use any kind of tool which uses heat to make your hair beautiful. Yes, we are talking about Straighteners, Blow Dryers, and Curling Irons. We know it is difficult to imagine your life without these tools, especially when you don’t have straight and smooth hair. These tools surely help to make our hair beautiful and glossy. But at least in the monsoon season, we can avoid these tools to reduce hair fall.
  5. Never ever avoid conditioning your hair after shampoo. A lot of girls avoid conditioning which can be bad for hair health. As our hair become frizzy in the monsoon season so conditioning your hair will do wonders. It will make your hair smooth and frizz free. So try not to avoid conditioning after shampooing.
  6. As scalp becomes dry in the monsoon season, try to give your hair an oil massage to make your scalp strong. Remember, how our grandmother’s hair looks so healthy and bouncy. It’s the result of massaging hair with oil. We should take care of our hair always but in monsoon season our hair needs extra care.
  7. Another useful tip is diet. Yes, your diet reflects the condition of your hair. Include more and more of proteins in your diet to avoid the menace of hair fall. You can have foods like Eggs, dairy products, lentils, Spinach, carrots, oats, walnuts. All of these are rich in protein and by consuming these foods you can avoid the problem of hair fall.
  8. Keep yourself hydrated by consuming more and more of water. You must have heard that consuming more of water will lead to beautiful and soft skin, which is actually true. The same thing is with your hair. If you consume enough water daily then you can actually avoid the problem of hair fall.

Those were some of the useful tips to avoid the problem of excess hair fall. Follow these tips and keep hair fall away this rainy season.

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