Top 10 countries with most beautiful women in the world

Beauty can’t just be limited to the external appearance of a person but it is the combination of his/her personality and nature. Beauty lies in one’s soul but if we consider beauty as what appeals to the eyes we can state that physical appearance has a upper hand over beauty of the soul. Considering all these facts these countries have the most beautiful women in the world –

10 countries which has the most beautiful women in the world 

Philippines – The people of philippines are not only known for their sweetness and good attitude but they also have beautiful women who are somewhere near the top in the world.

India – India is a multi ethnic and multi cultured country and has some of the most beautiful women in the world. With their wheatish dusky complexion and smooth skin Indian women are considered to be amongst the most beautiful women.

Turkey – Turkey has a great association with ancient empires and historical cultures and always had managed to be amongst the top 10 countries famous for beauty of their women. Turkish women are also very well known for grace and grandeur and thus has produced many photogenic faces with natural beauty.

Brazil – Brazil is well known for its scenic beauty and geographical features. It is also famous for its beautiful culture and historical grace. Along with their country Brazil also house some of the most beautiful women in the world. These women are socially aware and are a major attraction in Brazil’s cultural festivals.

France – France is located in the eastern part of Europe and is a home to vivid scenic beauty, mesmerising buildings and warm hearted people.France is also known for its exotic cuisines and vines. French women are well known for their etiquettes and liveliness. They have a good sense of fashion and possess incredible personalities.

Italy – Italy is well known for its beautiful culture and refreshing food. Italian girls are very pretty and are well known for their charismatic personalities. Italy being one of the major fashion hubs, hosts some of the most attractive and fashionably appealing women.

Venezuela – Venezuela is located in South America on the northern coast. It is a geographically gifted country with many tourist attraction spots. Women of this country are no less beautiful when compared to the beauty of the country itself. Women of this country have managed to bag many different beauty contests all over the world.

Canada – As much as America is awesome, the women of America are no less. The Canadian women are very much joyful and have grace in their personalities. These women are well aware of technological advancements are know how to efficiently merge their personalities with their knowledge to create an irresistible combination.

Britain – Britain has women who are a mix of different cultures from all over the world, but this doesn’t affect their beauty and grace at all. These women are well mannered and highly educated. They have knowledge and above all they have their natural beauty.

Russia – Russian women are a mix of eastern and western bodily features like high cheekbones and a well shaped jaw line. Blonde hairs are like an identity of Russian women. Overall they are some of the most beautiful women in the world.

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