Top 10 Fitness and Diet Myths

Are you one of them, who are looking to lose some of the extra pounds? Trying to get suggestion about doing the same? Do get all the proper ideas, as these things are full of myths, which can well mislead you. So, before starting the needful, here are some of the diet myths, which everyone should know, for their betterment.

Top Diet or Fitness Myths

  1. Eating timings: It is often heard that, if someone eats at late-night, they are likely to gain weights faster. However, this is one of the ridiculous myths, you will ever come across. The truth is every time you overeat, it can cause to gain some pounds. So, it does not matter the timings, when you are eating. If you are having it extra, it can well gain you some pounds. However, proper diet in late night will never affect your body weight.
  2. Cut all the junks: Junks are the greatest evils, they say, but what they do not is, you do not have to cut all the junks out of your diet. This is because, at the end, what matters is your total calorie intake, so if you can manage your total intake by sacrificing other foods, it is no harm to take some junks. However, having junks regular is not at all a good idea, as one cannot maintain the perfect calorie intake required, just by having junks.
  3. More the protein, better your body: It is always good to have protein, along with low carbs, as this can help you lose some of your extra pounds. However, taking too much of protein affect the kidney, and can lead to some serious health issues.
  4. Exercises help in losing weight: It is not always true. This is because, like said earlier, it is all about the total calorie intake. So, if you tend to have in-take more calories and then burn some of them, it simply will not help. As far as diet is maintained, exercises can help you out.
  5. Fasting is great for weight loss: This is yet another myth, which is destroying many people out there. It is true that it can initially help you to cut some calories out, but then after that you are likely to take more calories than required. So, in a way, this is not at all a good idea. Thus, it is always said that dieting does not mean fasting, it is all about maintaining the total calories.
  6. Choosing Diet over a regular soda is an added advantage: People who are obsessed with sodas, often think that making it down to diet ones will solve their problems, however, it is nothing like so, as sodas itself are one of the greatest weight gain reasons, due to its artificial flavours and sweetening.
  7. Diets with no fats are great: Cutting fats are always a good idea for weight loss. However, it is not at all recommended to have diets, which does not anything fatty. This is because fats are always useful for skins and hair. That is why, it is recommended to take at least 25% of fats in your daily diets, as this will keep things stable.
  8. Good diets are always expensive: This is not at all true, as there are many homemade supplements which can be used as a perfect diet. Again, if someone knows the required number of calories needed for them, then it becomes very easy to maintain their diets within a very low budget. So, it can be said that budget is not at all an issue while maintaining the diet for you.
  9. More sweat, more Burn: Sweating does burn your fat, but it is not true that the more you sweat, the more you burn your fats. This is because every dehydration releases some amount of sweat which is normal and any abnormal sweat loss can help to burn some fats. Nevertheless, there are biological causes of hormones and nerves, where this thing does not work.
  10. Weightlifting will help to bulk faster: This is yet another myth, which is very common in these days. However, the fact is, if your core strength is nil, no weight lifting can gain your muscles. To have the same properly, core exercises and a good diet is very much important.

Those were several myths, which are often heard; along with their actual truths.


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