Top 10 Home Remedies for Dry cough

Nothing is more annoying than a sudden fit of a cough that does not seem to end. There are many times when we end up dry coughing throughout the day. Not only is it incredibly strenuous on the throat, but it is also a problem. It is the body’s immediate response to foreign particles. You can describe it as the forceful expulsion of air to release the body of any particles or items that might have accumulated in the windpipe. Much to the contrary of people’s belief, coughing does not only stem from a medical cause, be it infections or any disease. It, in fact, more often triggers when there is a stimulus acting on the body like smoke, fog, dust, sand, etc. that interferes with the functioning of the body itself.

When do we cough?

It can develop when you are in a polluted environment, in a dry and dusty place, during season changes especially right after winter and during the rainy season or only when you catch a cold or suffer from flu. It can, therefore, be a viral infection in the form of severe, allergies to any substance like prawns or berries, exposure to some irritants like dust, smoke, fog and chemicals, chronic diseases like asthma and bronchitis or blockage in the food or windpipe. The body then violently tries to get rid of the foreign material and free the passageway.

What are the Remedies?

Even though it is not a major health concern, fixing dry cough is not a very tough task to achieve. It can be cured at home using substances readily available in your cupboard and things that are very easy to make. Following are a list of home remedies that will save you from this tiring ordeal.

  • Gargling – the most common method followed to provide relief to your throat is by gargling. When you feel the soreness in your throat, it is because the insides of the throat have swollen up. Gargling using salts dissolved in warm water helps the inflammation reduce considerably while the heat helps soothe the soreness inside. It gives immediate relief and is also known to thin out the mucus layer inside.
  • Vaporubs – most vaporubs have ingredients like menthol and camphor in them. These help in creating an artificially warm condition when applied on the body. What that does is, it melts out the mucus from within relieving the person of heaviness in the chest, throat or head. They help dissolve congestion and put you to a good sleep that the body requires to heal itself.
  • Warm Fluids – keeping the body hydrated during a cough is very crucial, especially in times of fever or cold. Warm fluids help cure soreness in the throat and provide relief to the constant itch and pain inside. While drinking warm water is the best option to recover from a dry cough, warm soups and tea also do the trick.
  • Turmeric – Turmeric is one of those spices with the highest medicinal value. It is used to treat cuts and bruises and cough of course! You can consider gargling with the usual salt and warm water but dissolve a teaspoon of turmeric powder in it too. You can even have it as a paste. Mix one tablespoon honey with one teaspoon turmeric and consume it 4 to 5 times a day and see the magic. You can also incorporate it in your tea or coffee. If that is not too appetizing for you, you can mix it with hot water, add lemon and honey to it and drink it up.
  • Honey – honey is known to soothe irritations and inflammations inside the throat. It reduces the mucus layer inside and gives you a feeling of relief. It also effectively works in putting you to sleep by reducing coughing significantly. Other than consuming it in conjunction with turmeric, you can eat it with grape juice, warm milk, hot tea, lemonade or any drink you want to make sweet. It is a tasty yet effective alternative.
  • Ginger – one of the best medicines to curing dry cough is ginger. The juice of ginger is known to stop coughs and reduce the intensity within minutes. The simplest method is to chop up thin juliennes of ginger and keep it below your tongue. Do not chew on it. The juices from the piece will seep into the throat slowly, stopping the cough in no time. Ginger can be consumed in conjunction with other items as well. You can boil ginger in water, and that water you can consume for good results. The residue should you must not throw. When dried in the sun with salt on it, it acts as tasty digestive tablets that not only reduces a cough but helps improve digestion and provide taste. You can incorporate it in your evening tea. Consuming it with tulsi leaves make it very effective as well. Those who did not mind a spicy flavour can try consuming black pepper and turmeric with ginger juice and honey.
  • Garlic – the stingy flavour of garlic goes a long way in relieving the body of mucus. Garlic is rich in antibacterial qualities. It reduces inflammation, soothes the throat, prevents cold, improves immunity and significantly helps a dry cough. Although consuming garlic in its raw form is not the tastiest options, doing it nevertheless gives great results. For those who are looking for a better option, fry peeled garlic in ghee can be a good option or with any other food, you might fancy. It can be used in soups to provide taste and do the necessary for the body. Garlic, when consumed, causes mucus to thin and it becomes easy to cough out the phlegm making the person feel better.
  • Jaggery – congestion in the chest and respiratory tracks often cause breathing problems and uncontrolled fit or a cough. Jaggery is known to cure them by melting away the mucus within and opening up the windpipes so that the person can draw in a full breathe. It is one of Ayurveda’s best-kept secrets, and you can utilize in many ayurvedic medicines found in the market. Consuming it with cumin or onions gives an added flavour. Munching on a piece throughout the day should give you instant results which are very impressive.
  • Lemon – it is always readily available at home and does not require much effort. Lemon juice helps cure inflammation in the throat much like the way salt water does. Besides providing you relief from soreness, lemon juice which is rich in vitamin C helps fight germs and cure you of a dry cough faster. It can be consumed in tea, with honey, turmeric or in regular foods as mentioned above.
  • Onions – they act like ready-made vaporous. Inhaling the pungent odour of onions work pretty much the same way vaporubs do. Strong onion vapors help cure even the strongest of coughing fits. Onion can be consumed in daily food intake; it can be eaten raw or as corn syrup made from onion juice, tea, and honey. For those who cannot bear the overpowering pungent smell of onions, onion juice can be consumed with honey to give it a perfect taste. Swallowing it daily, twice a day is bound to give you impressive results in no time.


Sometimes curing cough using home remedies can be a little time consuming or sometimes even all the materials required are not home. Taking mild medicines along with these home remedies are sure to work wonders. You can take cough toffees that sooth the throat along with curing or healing the affected area. Sometimes even consuming suppressants go a long way.


The best way to battle a cough is being aware and careful. Prevention is always better than cure. Do not consider these as just solutions for when you have a dry cough. Keep these items handy consume them regularly. Not only does that help you build immunity, but it also keeps any such undesirable affairs away, fighting them as and when the attack your resistance. Besides medications and these home remedies, pranayama helps the system stay in sync and enables you to get rid of a cough. For many coughs also happens when liquid mucus slips from the nose to the throat. It majorly intensifies at night due to our sleeping postures. Changing them can be very useful. Sleep with your head resting on a higher or raise platform than the rest of the body. It effectively reduces the flow of mucus preventing cough during sleep.

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