Top 10 home remedies for fever

Tips and remedies to fight Fever in the most straightforward manner

Fever is a prevalent type of illness. Whenever your body fights some flu or infection the temperature of your body is higher than usual, such a condition is called fever. When you have a fever, you suffer from weakness, headache, body ache, slight shivering, and loss of appetite and when the temperature falls, there is sweating too. To cure all these problems bringing down the heat is necessary.

Even before you can get access to medicines, some natural home remedies are there which you can perform. These help to cure the fever without any side effects. At times, it is seen that the medicines and antibiotics make your body weak. These home remedies do not have any such kind of side effect. So, know about them and perform it when required.

 Top 10 Home remedies for fever

The top ten remedies which you can perform at home are listed below. These are easy to perform, required minimum effort and do not have any side effect thus safe.

Wet cloth method

First and foremost, it is necessary to bring down the temperature. The condition becomes very serious if the temperature rises above hundred and two degrees Celsius. To prevent such conditions, take a wet cloth. The excess water must be wrung out. Then use it to rub it in your armpit, hands, and feet. Rub the cloth on your forehead too. The cloth must be changed at regular intervals. Do not use freezing water. It might increase the internal body temperature of yours. Use cool tap water in this case. At times taking a shower in lukewarm to cool water is beneficial to bring down the temperature too.

Basil Leaves

The medicinal effects of basil are well known. Basil helps to fight fever as well. It helps to kill the infection inside your body, keep your body warm and thereby bring down the temperature. There are ways in which you should consume basil to fight a fever. They are as follows:

  1. Take twenty basil leaves in a cup of water. Add a teaspoon of ginger and boil it. Keep boiling unless the solution reduces to half and then consume it after adding honey. Consume this tea at least two to three times a day for the best result.
  2. Take a teaspoon of basil and one-fourth teaspoon of black pepper. Boil the solution for five minutes. Strain the tea and then drink it. You should consume it for two to three times a day. You can also consume it until recovery.


Garlic helps to reduce the high fever. It promotes sweating in your body. It eliminates harmful toxins from your body. Garlic fights against bacteria and fungi thereby killing the infection in your body and speeding up the recovery process. Garlic remedies are not for pregnant women and very young children. How you should consume garlic are listed below:

  1. Take a garlic clove. Mince it and add to a cup of water. Steep this for five minutes. Then strain it and drink it. Consume this for two to three times a day. You are likely to feel much better.
  2. Take some garlic cloves and crush them. Take some olive oil with it. Heat it and rub this mixture on your feet. Take gauze and tie the garlic in some spots of your feet. Leave this overnight. This is likely to reduce fever in just one night. That remedy yields excellent results.


You should consume raisins when you have a fever. It is so because raisins have antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Raisins are also filled with phenolic phytonutrients. It acts as a tonic and helps to bring down the temperature. How you should consume raisins are as follows:

  • Take twenty-five raisins and soak them in a cup of water. Now crush these soaked raisins. After that you can strain the water. Now add lime juice to it and then consume it. Have these two to three times a day or until recovery. You are sure to feel better.


The antibacterial and antiviral property of ginger helps it to fight a fever. It helps to expel heat from your body and thereby help to bring down the temperature. In this way it reduces fever. You should consume ginger in the following ways:

  1. Take two tablespoons of ginger. Put it in a tub of water. Now you soak in this water for some time. Then dry yourself completely, go to bed, wrap up yourself in a blanket and go off to sleep. You are sure to sweat soon. The temperature also falls, and the fever vanishes.
  2. A simple ginger tea is also of good help. Boil ginger in a cup of water add some honey and consume it.
  3. You can also mix ginger, lime juice, honey and heat it all to have a good hot solution and consume it.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar also helps to bring down the temperature. The acid in this helps to expel the heat from your body. Thereby, the fever vanishes. The ways these remedy works is listed below:

  1. Take a cup of vinegar. Add this to a tub of lukewarm water. Soak yourself in this water for about ten minutes. Within twenty minutes you are likely to recover. Your body will sweat, and the temperature will drop. Do not forget to soak yourself dry. Repeat the process when the temperature is high again.
  2. Take a cloth and soak it in apple cider vinegar. Soak another half of the cloth in cool tap water. Now take this wet cloth and rub it on areas of your tummy and forehead. You can also rub it on your feet. Change the cloth after some time. Repeat this method when the temperature is high. There is no harm in repeating this process as and when required.
  3. It is a perfect and simple remedy to drink a mixture of apple cider vinegar and honey. Make a solution of these two and drink it two to three times a day. You are sure to feel better.

Spicy Food

Consume spicy foods. You can sprinkle cayenne pepper on your foods for this purpose. The main ingredient of cayenne pepper is capsaicin which heats up your body from within. It leads to sweating and thereby the heat is lost from your body. The temperature of your body comes done, and the condition of fever is treated. It also promotes and improves blood circulation in your body.

Wet Socks Treatment

The wet socks treatment is an effective remedy. Soak a pair of socks in cool water. Warm your feet in warm water. Before going to bed wear the wet socks pair of socks and then wear a pair of dry woolen socks. This draws blood to your feet and eases the condition of fever. It also increases blood circulation.

Mustard Powder Treatment

Take a tub of hot water. Pour two teaspoons of mustard powder. Now soak your feet into this. This draws blood to your feet and eases the condition of fever. It also increases blood circulation. You can repeat this process as and when required. It is a simple process with no side effects, the result is extremely beneficial

Drink Enough Water

If you are having a fever you are likely to suffer from dehydration condition. You should avoid such conditions as it is likely to make the situation worse. To avoid such conditions, drink enough amount of water at least 8-10 glasses of water. Drinks like Gatorade can also be consumed. Cold grapes help to hydrate your body. Fruit juices rich in Vitamin C are a wise choice. It helps to treat the infection as well as hydrate the body thus they must be consumed too.

Keeping a check is vital

In addition to the above remedies, you should keep certain things in mind such as you should take the temperature at regular intervals to keep a check. If the home remedies are not working, then you should consult the physician without delay. During fever, you should avoid having cold water, cold drinks as well as ice creams. You might be allergic to specific ingredients too. Therefore, before taking any measure test it and be assured if you are allergic or not. You should also avoid having fast food and restaurant foods. Prepare meals in your home and have them. However, do not stay empty stomach as you might feel weak.

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