Top 10 Homemade Remedies to Cure Headaches

Top 10 Homespun Remedies and Treatments to Mend Up Headaches

There is a ubiquitous and favorite phrase ‘when you have a head, you are likely to have headaches, absolutely free.’ Though this is mainly used as sarcasm, it indeed has the possible truth behind its every word. You all know what a headache is all about.  Once or twice, in your entire lifespan, you have crossed roads with headaches, for sure. Overloaded work burden, depression, restlessness, fretfulness are the most common reasons for people to obtain a headache.

A headache can take hold on to any portion of your head, on the back side or the left and right sides or throughout the entire head. There is mainly a particular spot from where it is induced. It can be quite knife-edging and pulsating like that of acute migraine head pains, or it can be low in density and dull in nature.

Divisions of Headaches

Headaches are mainly categorized into two segments.

Primary Headaches- It is the one that you get once or twice in a week due to overdosage of activities, problems or hypertension. It is caused due to the overloaded pressure that is given to the portion of the head which is very tender and hypersensitive. The blood vessels, nerves and muscles of the head and the neck are the main participants in this type of headaches.

Secondary Headaches– Secondary headaches are often severe. It tails with severe other health dysfunctions and disorders. Here in this type, the delicate nerves, veins, and blood vessels get activated because of different and more serious health condition. There numerous factors that indulge the occurrence of secondary headaches. For example

  • Over Drinking and its Hangover
  • Pregnancy Swings
  • Malignant or Brain Tumor
  • Internal Hemorrhage
  • Clotting of blood
  • Any Flu
  • Severe Eye Problems like Glaucoma
  • Poising by Carbon Compounds
  • System Dehydration
  • Brain Strokes or Mild Cerebral Attack
  • Nervous Breakdown
  • Excessive Usage of Painkillers and Disprins, etc.

Not every time you are likely to have headaches due to serious health issues like mentioned above.

To get rid of headaches mustered by any of these trivial reasons, you can solely rely on homemade remedies instead of swallowing up tons of tablets. Always remember, even unnecessary medicine consumption can generate several health complications within you.

Homemade Quick Fixes for Headaches

This article brings you ten amazingly effective homemade cures for headaches which are going to help you out in situations, as irritating as having a headache from nowhere.

Ginger, The Game Changer

Probably the entire world knows the effectiveness of ginger when it comes to treating sudden head pains. It lowers the swelling of the blood vessels in the head and neck, therefore, lessening the pain. It is also a perfect ingredient to stimulate your digestive system; hence it can be used to overpower nausea at the time of a migraine or sinus attack.

  • Grind a small amount of ginger and mix it with your tea. It will soothe your taste buds and your nerves, altogether. You can also make a paste of ginger powder with water and directly apply it on your forehand to enjoy instant relief.

Cinnamon Carries It Cleverly

Not only it makes your dishes delicious, but cinnamon also is a marvelous spice to kick off headaches. Just take few cinnamon sticks, grind it in the mixer-grinder, then make a concentrated and thick mixture of it with water. Apply the paste on your forehead and let it dry for half an hour. Rub it off using tepid water. You will then get to see the magic!

Groove With Yoga, Meditations & Free Hand Exercises

Yoga and first hand, head and neck exercises for few minutes can genuinely relax your nerves and muscles of head and neck area. Primary tasks and yoga make it flexible and normalize the blood pressure rate. Meditation can compose your mental state and helps you to attain a stress-free psychological orientation. Rotate your head in a 360-degree pattern in a soft pace for five times, clockwise and anti-clockwise each. Make an up and down head movement for five seasons. Sidewise head rotation for ten times (left and right). Stretch your hands as much as you can at the back without getting bent.

Fire-n-Ice, Hot & Cold

To kill off your nasty headache you have to remain ‘Cool’ and ‘Hot’ at the same time. Are you wondering how? Well use an ice pack and put it in and around your neck area, it will provide a lot of relief, instantly. Cold can slash down the impact of inflammation thus ice helps you to get rid of the pain.

Simultaneously, hot water is also a grand vector to decrease your headache. Warm adequate amount water, add three full tablespoons of spicy mustard powder and just soak your feet and sit for some time. You can also apply hot or cold water on your forehead by using a clean cotton cloth dip.

An Apple A Day Keeps Annoyances Away

Apple has its contribution in giving you a properly functioning body and body system. It not only helps you to achieve a wooing physique but degenerates your headache. Apple cedar vinegar is also used for the same purpose. It keeps the acid-alkaline ratio at equilibrium hence sinking head pains into the deep sea.

Eat a slice or two of apple with some salts sprinkled on it, if you get up with a severe headache.

Mix and boil 1 cup of Apple Cedar Vinegar with water. Then inhale the steam for few minutes. It is going to provide you relief from a headache.  You can also make a beverage of 2 teaspoons of apple cedar vinegar, in a glass of water along with a few drops of honey and lemon juice.

Peppermint Power Play

You can use peppermint oil to negate your headache. Peppermint is used to clear off the congestions in your blood vessels with its minty smell. The menthol-contain in peppermint adapts the blood flow in your body. Smell peppermint oil in a dark and silent room to attain relaxation. You can also use peppermint powder while making your tea. Use a half teaspoon of peppermint powder in boiling water along with tea leaves. Let it sit for 10 minutes. Then strain it and drink.

Long Live Lavender!

Not the only peppermint, lavender to has the similar function, then uses it in the same process as that of peppermint oil. You can also make a mixture of lavender oil, almond oil or olive oil and apply it on your forehead or can add up few drops of lavender oil in boiling water and inhale the steam.

Cloves vs. A headache; Cloves Win!

Clove contains pain reducing potentials and properties. It imparts a cooling sensation to your pain thus declining the inflammation. It works pretty well on throbbing and sharp pains like migraine pain, etc. Take few pieces of cloves, and crush it. Then put it in a small airtight packet and keep inhaling whenever you get a headache. You can also mix clove oil and a small amount of sea salt (optional) in coconut oil and apply it on your hair and forehead to enjoy a pacifying sleep.

Thyme Is A Hymn

You can certainly do away with head pain by wiping 2 or 3 drops of thyme oil on your forehead. Put some thyme or rosemary essential oil in your palm and then gently apply it on your forehead and relax quietly for some time. It will not disappoint you.

Bingo! Basil Is Back

Basil has a characteristic feature of muscle relaxants and other aesthetic values in it. It is used to eliminate headaches caused by tensions and muscle contractions and cramps. You can use basil oil for this purpose. You can also take 3 4 basil leaves and boil it in water with your favorite tea leaves and little amount of honey. Simmer it for few extra moments. Sip it slowly. You can also inhale the steam of boiling basil leaves in water.

Neglecting a health condition can be worse

At times headaches turn out to be an index of a more severe and critical health condition than normal and minor asymmetries. It is highly recommended and essential to consult a physician and get a clear view of your symptoms and metabolism status. Do not neglect it as it can become more oppressive, inexorable, or interminable.

When a headache becomes more agonizing and distasteful than usual, temporary ones or if it tends to deteriorate or ceases to get better by applying essential pharmaceutical aids you should rush to the doctor’s clinic without wasting any time. Other signs of mental and physical disorder such as confusion, fever, sensory changes, and stiffness in the neck also you must take into consideration.

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