Top 10 ways to knockout depression

Depression is a commonly diagnosed mental illness that can result in grave situations. This particular disorder can take control of your brain and have an impact on your thoughts, feelings and even actions. However, with the help of the blessing that is Science, Depression is, as of today, a curable illness. Depression can affect your daily life by slowly making you think you are sad or feel no enthusiasm towards things that you once cherished. This is a serious disorder that can cause unavoidable emotional and physical distress resulting in a disastrous life.

Identify the disorder

  • Constant feeling of sadness or dull mood
  • Losing interest in previously enjoyed entertainment
  • Significant change in physique and appetite
  • Oversleeping or sleep deprivation
  • Fatigue or less energetic
  • Unproductive physical actions (pacing, hand-wringing, etc) or change in speech or movements
  • Low self-esteem and worthlessness
  • Suicidal tendencies

However, the symptoms must be present in the patient for at least two weeks to be diagnosed as Clinical Depression. There are various pills and medicines to deal with Depression. Nevertheless, it is always advised to avoid medicines if possible. Thus, here are Top 10 ways to knockout Depression.

Recognize And Overcome Self-criticism

 Depression is more often than not accompanied by self-destructive thoughts. Depression manipulates your brain to question your worth and make you feel sad. Try and recognize these thoughts and make yourself see them as toxic opinions. Question yourself against those thoughts and have kindness for yourself. Identify the cruel thoughts as a bad enemy and try to fight it off.

Know The Source of Your Agitation

While depression makes some people sad and miserable, another group of people only feel numb and apathetic. The inability to feel destroys your capacity of mirth and excitement. This state can be a result of suppressed anger towards someone or something. Recognizing the source of anger and making peace with it helps in depression.

Take Part In Activities

Depression can swallow your interest in taking part in almost anything. The numbness makes the task of being energetic extremely impossible. In these situations, you are advised to actively take part in anything that used to interest you once, even if it fails to make you happy. Engage yourself in various activities so that the brain doesn’t get to think.

Be Social

Your brain, when depressed, makes you criticize yourself to the point where you feel embarrassed to be seen by people. Depression keeps you from being in social groups making your brain more vulnerable. Thus, make friends, talk to people more, go to places, and take part in society. In a nutshell, do not be alone.

Enagage yourself with Entertainment Activites

If you are absolutely incapable of smiling or having a laugh anymore, watch comedy shows, movies. Engage yourself with games or sitcoms and try to react to the shows.

Pick An Ambition

Learn to explore yourself and set an ambition. Do all that is necessary to pursue the ambition. Have a purpose in life to feel less worthless.

Read Books

To deal with depression, you can also read books with happy endings. Read about people who went through the same difficulties you are and learn how they conquered the illness. Read motivational books. Avoid any books that break open your heart, at any cost.

Share Your Problems

Sometimes, you can try to seek help from an experienced psychologist, share everything that you feel and don’t feel. Talk about anything you want to and follow the advice that is given to you.

Be Yourself

If parental pressure is forcing you to be someone you are not, then talk to your parents and be honest about what you feel. Learn who you are and work on being that person. Avoid living in a world of people pretending to be something they are not.


Studies have established that potent omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA which are present in the superior quality of fish oil supplement can help in depression. On the other hand, the human mood can be regulated by the entire range of vitamin B. Therefore, taking vitamins and fish oil is highly advisable.

Depression is merely a mental illness that can give you an illusion of a worthless life. However, happiness is a birthright and only you are in charge of what you feel. Destroy anything that tells you otherwise while keeping these Top 10 ways to knock out depression, in your mind.

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