Top 5 fitness supplement myths to avoid

Don’t let marketing hype fool you!

In the present day, we are often so busy with our works whether it be office or studies, there is no spare time for our own selves. Desk works from 9 to 5 every day makes us accustomed to a bad posture and is rather bad for our health so people opt for the next best alternative that is a gym. But fitness requires daily and hard training practices and tough exercises to build your body and develop that strength, time and patience that most people do not have so what they do is substitute that hard work with fitness supplements. While that is a very good addition to the fitness regime, it is never an alternative and cannot replace your hard work. People are often fooled into thinking that consuming many fitness supplements will help them become fit but that is just a hoax and business tactics to get consumers to buy them. While fitness supplements do their work well, not all work towards the purpose you are consuming them for. People often get very annoyed or defensive when told that their fitness supplement is not a real medication and is a waste of money but it is important for all to be aware of the fake ones in the market.

Testosterone Boosters

Besides the consumption of anabolic steroids, nothing works towards improving your muscle strength or having a positive effect on it. Just boosting testosterone is not enough much to the surprise of workout enthusiasts. Testosterone levels have to be boosted to such an extent that it progressively improves muscle strength and gym performance. The supplements sold are often false and do nothing of this sort. The best way to increase testosterone is to work hard, sleep well and eat properly.


It has been a part of gym member’s diet since time immemorial. Although some are an ardent believer of the fact that it is very effective, the idea of glutamine improving fitness has been debunked after studies have been conducted on its efficiency. Organically consumed glutamine never makes it to the muscles and is used up as energy in the intestine. A major part of it is consumed as protein and consuming more of it is not exactly better.


It is basically used to improve and enhance pre-workout strength and energy of a person. They are supposed to improve the delivery of oxygen to muscles and produce a permanent pump of blood that should ideally last all day giving the muscles enough energy. However, studies prove that there are no positive effects of arginine on the body and is simply a hoax utilized by the supplement companies to make their products look fancier and reduce production cost.

Weight Gainers

Are simply made of whey protein and sugar but in association with other items. They can be used if the need arises and are not harmful to the body but is nutritionally void. It is also not necessarily effective all the time. There are many cheaper solutions you can try. Simply buying whey protein and directly consuming it is a far better option not only because it tastes better and cheap but also very effective when mixed with carbohydrates and healthy fats at home. It keeps your intake count under check because too much of nothing is good and provides you the necessary nutrients that help the body achieve a more stable weight.


It is actively used and sold as a muscle building compound but has no proof of any positive effects on the body according to studies that are conducted. It is a rather useless item with no effects neither positive or negative in the body nor any side effects from its consumption.


Using supplements is a good way to improve body strength and productivity but as a consumer, one should be aware of the good and the bad ones making their rounds in the market. Steering clear of the above-mentioned items should keep you from falling for any sort of sales tactics. Spend your money on worthwhile supplements, not on fake ones.

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