Top 5 myths about sex and losing your virginity

The society has progressed a lot, the technological and scientific advancements are noteworthy but have your mindset progressed too? This is question you should ask yourself. There are various concepts about which you like to keep your children in the dark. The topics of sex and virginity tops the list. It is a common thought that the lesser one knows about sex the more cultured, sober and decent he or she is. This thought is absolutely nonsensical.

It is due to these thoughts that year after year various myths have developed about sex and virginity in the society. Most of the times these myths are thought to be true and you believe it. It is high time for you to know about the actual facts and burst the myths. These myths are very over rated and based on uneducated concepts. To know the actual facts a proper sex education is necessary. Parents should stop keeping their children in the dark instead talk with them about these facts so that they become more aware about sex and virginity. Sex education in many countries is a part of school education too and is a great step for the awareness of your child.

5 popular myths about sex and losing your virginity

  • The hymen in a woman is a thin membrane which is present at the opening of your vagina. Usually it is thought that during sexual intercourse a woman should bleed because the hymen breaks apart and this ensures her virginity. But this a myth because one might lose the hymen while doing activities like cycling, swimming, horse riding etc. So, if a woman does not have a hymen or does not bleed during her sex it does not necessarily mean that she is not a virgin.
  • Another popular myth that is very common is, the vagina of a woman becomes loose after she has sex or lost her virginity. This is not true at all. The doctors say that the vagina always tends to retain its original shape even after having sex for many years. The only thing under which such phenomena is caused is old age. At times due to natural child birth also your vagina might become loose.
  • To satisfy yourself you might masturbate and masturbating does not take your virginity away. The concept of losing virginity is faulty itself and losing virginity due to masturbation is an even faultier concept. Masturbating too much might not be healthy for you. But if you stay within the limits then masturbation gives you immense satisfaction and it is not an illegal act at all so there is no actual reason to avoid it.
  • The most popular myth among all is one should have sex only after marriage. Till marriage one should remain a virgin. There is no such hard and fast rule, it is just a myth developed by society. Basically, one should conceive a child only after marriage because it gives the child legal rights on his/her father’s property. That is why a child must be born only after marriage. But this law in no way makes sex out of marriage illegal. If you can have a protected sex then no one can or should judge you. Even conceiving a child in a marriage or outside a marriage is your sole decision too. There is no need to slut-shame someone because of this reason.
  • The last thing and another popular myth is if you are virgin you will be liked more. This makes a lot of women who do not have a hymen insecure. This affects many relationships too. It is high time to bunk such thoughts and debunk people having such thoughts. So, flip your option if you find people having such thoughts. When people are more concerned about your sexual status rather than you they are just not the right choice for you.

If the young generation believes in such myths they will carry it forward to their off springs too and the society will never get rid of such myths. So, it high time Gen-Y to bunk all these illogical and nonsensical thoughts. Educate yourself and others and burst these myths.

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