Waxing Hacks to Make Your Wax Stay Longer

Body hair may not be a big issue or problem for men but for women they can be a threat to their beauty. Women prefer waxing off their body hairs to get a silky smooth skin. Women love the smooth skin and waxing off the body hair is the best way to get it done. The feeling which women get after walking out of a waxing salon is just great, but it doesn’t seem to last longer. Just within 10 days those pesky hairs will be again peeking out of your hair follicles. To avoid this one has to do waxing every 15 days so the hairs don’t become noticeable.

How to make your waxing last longer?

No one wants to wax their hairs every two weeks. How perfect it would be to do it once and just forget about it for a month or more. Though if you need to get rid of your body hairs you’ll need to keep waxing them off on a regular basis but you can at least increase the period it takes to raise the need to wax them off again. Here are some waxing hacks to make your wax stay longer –

  1. Exfoliate – Make sure you exfoliate on a regular basis with a gentle scrub and lotion. Exfoliating helps to shed off the dead skin from your body and make the hair follicles shrink down so that the fore-growing hair become thin and almost invisible to normal eye and also feels smooth to touch.
  2. Always prefer professionals – Going to a salon every time you need to wax can be a bit heavy on your pocket but getting it done from a professional is always preferred over getting it done by a friend or doing it yourself. Professionals have the proper tools and knowledge to do waxing and they also last longer when compared to waxing done a home.
  3. Have patience – Many women prefer waxing off their hair as soon as they start peeking out of the follicles. This is not at all recommended since it will only waste your money and won’t result in any improvement of waxing period. It is better to wait and let the hair grow a bit more so that the waxing strip can have a better grip over the hairs. Sometimes this can even result in ripping off the hairs from their follicles which are even better as that hair won’t grow in the future at all.
  4. Keep it hydrated – Keeping your skin hydrated before having a waxing session helps a lot to make your waxing last longer. As if your skin is dry then during waxing the hair may just break up instead of getting uprooted. This might cause the hair to grow faster than other hairs and ruin your waxing.
  5. No shaving – Do not shave the skin before attempting waxing on it. Shaving will trim down the hairs to smallest size and then it would be very much difficult for the waxing strip to get hold of those hairs and wax them out.
  6. Follow a definite routine – Do not get waxing appointments whenever you want. Follow a definite routine. Failing to do so might make your hair growth pattern irregular and thus decreasing the effect of waxing.

Waxing can be a necessity for women and regular waxing is not very much affordable when needed to be done regularly. Above given are some hacks and tricks to increase the effectiveness of waxing and make it last longer.


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