What foods you need to avoid if you want six packs

If you have been working out daily on your abs muscles but still haven’t achieved the desired result then something is definitely wrong. Many people have the notion that working out every day is the only way to achieve six pack abs. But this is not exactly true. For six pack abs, your muscles need to be close to your skin. This implies that you need to get rid of all the extra fat from your tummy area. Surely, working out every day will certainly help you lose a lot of fat and achieve your six pack abs but if you don’t have a proper diet for your workout,  the dream of six pack abs will never come true. This is why a proper diet plays a very vital role in this journey. Maintaining a proper diet need discipline and patience.

Foods that must be avoided for six pack abs.

  1. Fatty food: Fat is important in your diet. Having fat every day is almost essential. But you must know the quantity and the type of fat that needs to be consumed. Fats like saturated fat fall into the category of bad fat and these fats must be avoided. Foods like red meat, whole dairy and butter come under this category of bad fat. In order to maintain a balance you must restrict your total fat intake by 20% and the consumption of these saturated fats must be limited to 7% or less.
  2. Sugary foods -Sugar is one of the main reasons for accumulation of fat. Sweeter the food higher is the chance of accumulation of fat. Sugar causes a spike in sugar level in the blood and too much of sugar forces the liver to convert it to fat. Sugary food such as sweets, ice cream, chocolates, and cakes has high levels of sugar and should be consumed to the minimum. On an average, a person should consume 5 tea spoons of sugar each day to maintain his course on achieving six pack abs.
  3. White Carbohydrates – Even though carbohydrates are an essential requirement in your diet, not all carbohydrates are good for your health. Raw and unprocessed carbohydrates should be consumed as it does not accord to weight gain. And on the other hand processed carbohydrates do just the opposite. To avoid these problems raw and unprocessed foods like fruits, beans, vegetables and whole grains should be consumed.
  4. Diet foods: Dieting is not a good idea if you want to achieve six pack abs. Diet foods can be very harmful for your work out plan. Most diet foods are prepared and designed in such a way that consumption will not affect your diet. Thus diet foods actually promote weight loss and do not provide the necessary nutrients. So it is highly advisable to take foods that meet your metabolic needs like lean proteins, fruits and vegetables instead of diet foods.
  5. Junk Food: From its name itself it is very evident that junk food only tastes great and has no nutritional benefits at all. Normally junk foods contain high levels of sugar, salt, fat, and calories. These ingredients are the reason why junk foods taste so great and have almost zero nutrients. This is why junk foods such as chips, cookies, crackers, pizzas and ice-creams should be avoided as much as possible. A little bit is fine but consumption in large quantities will be highly detrimental for your goal to achieve six pack abs.
  6. Alcohol -Alcohol has empty calories. Alcohol is not really a food but it is a mixture of ethanol, carbohydrates and sugars. None of these ingredients are beneficial for your abs.

Having six pack abs is like a dream for every guy. It takes lots of hard work, dedication and determination to achieve it. The above list has only some of the very harmful foods that can potentially cause a major setback to your goal of achieving six pack abs.

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