Should Women Exercise When They Are On Their Periods?

Times have changed, so have women. Women are afraid to hit the road when it is the time of the month. They are ready to take over the world just as normally they do on a regular day. However, when it comes to strenuous exercises, the flow of periods may get disturbed due to the exercises. Many reputed doctors have claimed that exercising during periods will not disturb the flow at all. In fact, it will make you more active and less stressed during these days of darkness. However, some have claimed that doing exercise will affect the cycle altogether. Such conflicting theories have really made it confusing to follow one theory. This is why we have researched all the theories and reached a conclusion that doing extreme exercises can lead to affecting the flow of blood. Whereas, the performance of less strenuous exercises like yoga and stretching will not affect our cycle at all. This is why below are some exercises mentioned that you can do without worry during your menstruation days.

  1. Yoga: Yoga involves a lot of breathing exercise which will include stretching and touching your toes. However, do not perform the positions that make your legs go upwards. This will cause fluctuations in the flow of your period and hamper due to gravity. So avoid those positions and go ahead with the boat pose, bridge, sun pose and so many others.
  2. Walking: Walking is the best exercise even when you are not on your periods. Walking an hour daily will keep your heart healthy and strong. You can eat all the carbohydrates you want if you can keep up with walking. Walking will make your leg muscles stronger and help you gain mental peace. Morning walks are considered best because it enriches our mental balance and makes our brain work faster. During periods, you can go for walking until you sweat. This will be a great alternative to heavy workout in the gym.
  3. Swimming: Swimming is a great exercise during summer. An hour spent in swimming can burn 600-700 calories. So put on your bathing suits and go for a swim. Heavy lifting and usage of machinery are restricted while you are on your periods because a sudden muscle pull can cause you to suffer from a serious injury. Thus it is better to opt for a natural form of exercise which will only involve our muscles and legs.
  4. Boxing: Boxing will require upper body strength and a lot of arm power. It is a great form of exercise given you has the right trainer. Women are, however, discourage from performing such exercises as they tend to make women appear more masculine. Muscular women in our society do not appear feminine and are looked down upon even though they are excelling at their own fields. So it is time to break the stereotype and get busy boxing because it has to end with us.

Remember to eat a lot of protein during periods. Do not tend to starve yourself just because you want to lose an extra 5 pounds this week. You will fall ill and hurt your bodily functions if you refrain from providing food to your body. Your neuron receptors in the brain will stop responding due to lack of food and it will lead to serious diseases. Drink plenty of water that is at least 8 to 10 glasses every day. Avoid taking any pain killers to numb the period pain. Pain killers tend to make our body feel sluggish and lazy. This will cause you to feel sleepy all the time. The effect wears off after 24 hours but you will soon crave for another pill. Try to distract yourself with work or plug in your headphones with good music so that you forget the pain for a while. Heat pads have helpful effects of decreasing the pain during menstruation. You can even give eat comfort foods like a yogurt, fruit desserts, dark chocolates and fruity candies which will not mess with your diet at all. Good luck riding the dragon for a few days until things come back to normal.

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