7 Signs you are made for each other

You might be dating or seeing each other for quite some time now & now you want to settle down with your chosen one. But are you wondering whether you both are made for each other or not? Well then here are 7 signs which will show you whether you both are meant to be together with each other or not. Because finding your true partner is really a tough job so once you get him/her try to keep him/her quite close to your heart & never let them go away.

  1. A sense of Humor – Well this thing you will find out if you & your partners are made for each other. Both of you will share the same sense of humor, if not same then one of you will have that sense of humor whereas the other one should understand it. You both will laugh out like mad on funny moments; you will feel as if laughing without him/her is incomplete. Though you both may laugh together but that has become one laughter by now & you can feel so.
  2. Complete the Sentence – Yes this thing you tend to do if you both are meant to be for each other; completing each other’s statement or lines even before one of you have spoken or said about it. You know why this thing happens? Well because all these while you both have understood each other quite well & have looked deep into each other’s personality. So being obvious when you both are discussing something you know quite well what would he/she come up with, while he/she keeps fishing for the written word you had already completed his/her part of the sentence on his/her behalf.
  3. Make you better – believe it or not, but if you are with the right person then he/she will make you a better person altogether. He/she will always try to bring out the best in you. Will work with you on your weak points so that you can improve them. He/she will criticize you when you are doing something wrong, but on the other hand, he/she will praise you too, by the end of the day you’ll realize you’ve turned into a better human being.
  4. Work it out – yes we all will agree that there aren’t any relationships in the world that will always go through good times. Yes, there’ll be times when you both will have bad fights, arguments etc but leaving & going away has never been the option. Any one of you will work it out after some time. You might not say it loud that you are working on it but you do because you know without him/her it’s just not the same
  5. Different yet same – well it is not always that you have to be having the same likings or disliking like your partner, you can have your own different opinions & taste of things but that hardly matters. You both can be different persons but you guys stick around for each other no matter what.
  6. Incomplete – right isn’t it? We all miss our person when he/she isn’t around us. When we are left alone for a while we understand that our life is incomplete somewhere; somewhere you are missing a big piece of the puzzle which makes it incomplete. In all these time he/she becomes such an integral part of your life that even if for a day he/she isn’t around you start feeling lonely
  7. Open up – well if you have this thing in your relationship then you both are indeed made for each other couple. You both open up to each other without any hesitation or fear. You don’t think twice before you say something to him/her. Because you both have a deep sense of mutual respect for each other

So these are just 7 signs that if you find in your relationship then you guys are truly meant to be together for the rest of your life; just as people say ‘meant to be for each other’.

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