8 Period Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Are you afraid of underwear stains or public harassment during “THOSE” days?  Do you feel excruciating pain during periods? Then this article is for you. In this article, we will discuss several hacks that can save you from the mishaps.   Not only these hacks are simple and easy to follow, but requires making no investment. So let’s get started with the fun and easy 8 period hacks.

Hack 1- Use different kinds of pads for the “EXTRA” flow– Sounds strange? Let us explain it you. For the days when you think flow is more and you can get stains, try using different kinds of pads when purchasing night pads or special panties is not a viable option for you. You can use your regular pad on the front side (as you normally do) and can attach another similar pad on the back side of the panty to absorb the extra flow.  This helps you avoid staining bed sheets while sleeping.

Hack 2- Hydrate yourself- You must be told not to drink much water during those days, but it is actually a myth.  Hydrate yourself when you are in periods. You can have hot beverages like tea, coffee or just sip lukewarm water. You can also infuse lukewarm water with some green tea. It will relax your stomach and also help in healing the cramps.

Hack 3- Choose the right panty– Prefer buying a separate set of panties that provide full coverage for those days.   While purchasing, ensure you invest in light colored panties. Because  if you wear dark colored panties during those days, you may not get to know what’s happening down there, and may end up getting ugly stains on your pants/skirt or dress.  Hence, always keep a separate set of light colored panties for those days so that if you get any stain you can get to know about it and take measures to avoid public harassment.

Hack 4- Wash panties in cold water- Getting stains on panties in period is quite common. Do not make a mistake to washing stained panties in hot water right away thinking it will take the stain out. Instead, it will leave an ugly mark on it, which does not look hygienic at all. To avoid this, always wash your panties in cold water using a normal detergent bar or powder.

Hack 5- Dress Right– We do get conscious about what to wear during periods and what not to. It is very much necessary to wear right kind of clothes during the periods. If you are young and have no experience in handling period problems, we suggest you to wear long tops and dark colored pants during those days. Because you would be able to cover it up if you wear right kind of dress.

Hack 6- DIY Heating pad– If you don’t have a hot water bottle and then you can prepare your own heating pad to heal cramp pain.  To prepare a heating pad, you just need a towel. Soak towel in water and take out the extra water from it. Then put this wet towel in a plastic bag and seal it properly. Microwave this bag for one minute and your DIY heating pad is ready. You can use this pad to heal your period cramps.

Hack 7- Prepare an Emergency period kit– Now you must be wondering what is an emergency period’s kit? Well, you might have experienced that you suddenly realized your period have started and you are running out of pads or tampons.  For situations like these, prepare an emergency periods kit. You can pick a medium sized makeup pouch and keep underwear and some pads or tampons in it. This kit comes handy when you need to put in a pad or change it.

Hack 8- Eat right– Last but definitely not the least; do not take oily, starchy and heavy meals during those days, because it is more likely to make you feel bloated.  Eat light and easy to digest meals. You can add some dark chocolate and nuts in your meal to provide you extra energy to get through those painful days. Dark chocolate also helps in stabilizing blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Those 8 period hacks are definitely going to help you and save you from public harassments. If you have more ideas and hacks, do let us know in the comments section and we will update in the list.

Happy periods!!

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