Amazing Facts about Anil Ambani

Anil Dhirubhai Ambani is well known in the country of India, as he happens to be one of the richest businessmen in India. Born on the 4 of June in 1959 in the city of Mumbai, Anil Ambani is the son of Dhirubhai Ambani another great entrepreneur the country ever had. Anil Ambani has also one brother in the name of Mukesh Ambani who happens to be another big business tycoon. With a net worth umpire of more than 3.3 billion, his name was put on the billionaire’s list for the year 2016.

Anil Ambani is a famous public figure in India and is well known throughout the world. After the death of his father late Dhirubai Ambani, Anil took over reliance group with main business in the field of entertainment, telecom, infrastructure and financial services. We know Anil Ambani as a famous and popular business tycoon, but there are some facts that prove Anil as a great human being too.

Facts about the richest tycoon – Anil Ambani

  • The Great Bollywood artist Tina Munim happens to be the other half of Anil Ambani, and together the couple has two sons in the name of Anmol and Anshul respectively.
  • Every Sunday Mr. Anil Ambani can be seen having his breakfast in the famous restaurants, the Oberoi, as it happens to be his favorite place to dine.
  • Anil Ambani has a great belief in gods and before starting any launch, he makes sure to take the blessing of Lord Balaji.
  • Anil Ambani is associated with many popular public figures, great actors like Amitabh Bachan, Shah Rukh Khan, happens to be his family friend.
  • Anil Ambani is a person of pure hearts and is a very down to earth person. He not only gives autographs but makes sure to take one from the person.
  • It is known to every people that Anil Ambani is immensely punctual when it comes to working at the office. He arrives at his office sharp at 9:30 and works for 12 hours at a stretch.
  • Anil Ambani is very much conscious about his health and practices a regular session of jogging and exercises. It is very much surprised to know that Anil is free from the hobbies of drinking and smoking. He follows the policy of health is wealth. he is a regular participant in marathons.
  • He also is known for recommending and giving advice to others to stop the bad habits of smoking and drinking and he believes if a person can clear himself from toxic substances then he can easily clear the toxication of the world.
  • A record was made by his reliance power IPO Company in the Indian capital market of being subscribed within 60 seconds of its announcement regarding the offers. It is turned out to be a history made in the Indian capital market and a record never broken in India.
  • Anil Ambani is a member of Rajya Sabha and was independently elected in the year 2004.
  • The then president of United States, Mr. George Bush has inspired Anil Ambani immensely to become the person he is now.
  • Anil Dhirubhai Ambani group has a net worth of 2.5 Billion and Anil being the chairman of the company.
  • His father the great Dhirubhai Ambani, is known for business strategies and happens to be the founder of the famous Indian company The Reliance Group.

Anil Ambani aged 58 is known for his risk taking steps in the world of multinational business. He represents India in the list of richest people on earth; he has reorganization throughout the globe, with maintaining a joint venture with the production company of the famous director Steven Spielberg. His brother Mukesh Ambani is also known for his entrepreneurship. Anil Ambani has a good educational history; he has done Bachelor of Science from a well-known college in Mumbai and has done MBA from the University of Pennsylvania. Anil Ambani is famous for owning the costliest house in the city of Mumbai. Anil Ambani is known as the financial wizard, as he is known to be the best in his field.

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