People have become so judgemental. Not only judgemental, but they have actually turned themselves into gossip machines. Why are people so much interested in what others are doing? This is probably a question that has originated with the advent of the human civilization. The most interesting part of the entire game of gossips and these scandalmongers is that they invent names and words as well, to pinpoint people and mock them. One such trending word today is ‘bitch’. OMG! Is that really close to being like the original, four-legged, furry body, and curvy tailed, cranky, meddlesome bitch??? Well no, but there are some instances when you would seemingly be called a bitch. Here are a few examples, have a look-

  1. When you are probably just being ‘direct’: Today people do not actually appreciate being real and honest. So may be when you would suggest something or correct a thing or give a frank opinion on the face, be sure you are a bitch for them since then.
  2. When you give ‘NO’, for an answer: Well to be in everyone’s good books today, you need to be nodding your face in affirmation all the time, up and down, confirming a yes. So if you are asked for a party, a movie, a night out or boozing, and you say ‘No’, you are a bitch!
  3. If you love yourself: In this poor world of billions of people, who are longing for love attention and so much more, if you still chose to go ahead and love yourself alone, oh then you are one perfect example for who would be called a bitch. If you want people to utilise their words in saying something good about you and if you actually want to be the apple of their eye, just forget about yourself.
  4. When you mind your own business: If you do not smile at every random person or if you fail to notice people while being engrossed in work, people will say that you are one proud, rude and arrogant bitch.

      Or exactly the opposite of this, if;

  1. You get along with people easily: May be you are an extrovert and you like being around people. Or probably you are very amicable and so it is easy for you to make friends. But few people would never find a reason why you have so many pals and so such clueless people satisfy themselves by calling you a bitch. They would say that as you are a bitch, you have got people wagging around you.
  2. When you prefer standing up for yourself as well as for the right: many a time it happens so that when you stand up for yourself and defend yourself strongly and when the people arguing cannot really deal with it any more, you are the bitch. Well this is one case, even when you stand up for the right which might not be just right for the ones arguing, you are definitely the bitch. How can you speak the truth? How can you stand up against the wrong? You are definitely THE BITCH!
  3. When you don’t care standing up to their expectations: there are times when people just expect too much from you. They forget if such expectation is just or not. And once you stop caring about standing up to their expectations, you are certainly the bitch. You are the one who is just taken for granted and when the glass breaks, you are ought to be the bitch. So stay cool. Whatever you do, they wont change so forget not being the bitch.

So thus we see that no matter what you do people will find a reason to say that word for you. So it is highly advised to purchase two pairs of ear cots and put them in your ears, while you move around and be your awesome adorable self. It is a big thing if you continue to be genuine, independent and focussed in this not so fair world today. So kindly keep up and be the BITCH you are!

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