Best ways to get rid of your love handle

The disadvantages and the problems of obesity are well known. The development of love handles in men is one of the effects of obesity. In this circumstance, there is an accumulation of fat around the sides of the abdomen area, lower back and stomach due to bad diet and lack of exercise. This cannot be cured only with exercise rather a proper diet and stress reduction is also needed.

Ways to get rid of love handles

There are a number of ways which must be carried out together to reduce love handles which are listed below. However, it might take some time to reduce the love handles thus you should be patient.

  1. Calorie rich foods must be avoided. Such foods include fried foods, animal fats like butter and ghee. Try to cut five hundred calories daily so that you can manage to lose about one to two-pound loss each week. After you accomplish this target try to increase your target and cut more five hundred calories from your diet. You can also take the help of various fitness applications. This will help to lose your weight.
  2. Processed foods, frozen foods, ice cream, fast food, chips, candy, cakes, breakfast pastries, crackers as well as sweetened beverages must be avoided. It has been seen that the aerated sugary drinks are high in calorie and tend to get accumulated around the stomach area making the look of your love handle even worse. They contain harmful fats as well as additives or preservatives which tend to increase your weight.
  3. Carbohydrate rich foods must be replaced with non-starchy vegetables and proteins. Foods like rice wheat, potato, corn, peas, cake, cookies, pie, some dairy products and some fruits even contains carbohydrate. You should avoid these foods instead include whole grain products which are rich in protein and are high in fiber. Include five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables each day. Go for fruits that contain less sugar like berries. Half your plate must be a non-starchy vegetable at each meal.
  4. Meat is a good source of protein and you should have meat. You should also be careful to choose lean meats. Avoid red meat, bacon, sausage as they contain saturated fatty acids which increases cholesterol and worsens love handles too. Choose items like chicken, turkey, fish, salmon, tuna etc. Legless protein like fish is a very good source of protein and contains phosphorous. Egg white is a very good source of protein too. These contain healthy fat and helps to reduce belly fats as well as love handles.
  5. Your water consumption must be increased. This does not essentially contribute to the problem of love handle but it helps to reduce love handle in the long run. Drinking fluids helps to reduce your appetite throughout the day. If you drink a glass of water before meal appetite lessens and you can stick to your calorie limit. You should drink at least 2-3 liters of water though it depends from people to people based on your daily activity.
  6. Aerobic exercises must be included in your routine. Men should do at least 30-40 minutes of cardio training to reduce love handles. Cardio exercises like cycling, cross trainer, walking, jogging, swimming must be included. These exercises can be done alternatively. Walking or running can be practiced on ground as well as on treadmill.
  7. Interval training helps to reduce more weight as compared to maintaining a constant pace. It develops muscle and reduces the body fat. This must be followed by a yoga class and activities like sprints and jogging must be included. Sprints for thirty seconds every five minutes is very effective.
  8. Core strength training exercises is very effective to reduce love handles in men. Exercises like abdominal crunches helps to tone your waist line and also makes it slim. It develops the muscle does not reduce fat, to reduce the fat you should do cardio.
  9. You must do plank every day, start with normal plank then try ball plank and side plank to. It helps to improve core muscles as well as reduce your abdominal fat.
  10. Try to increase your lifestyle activity. Count your footsteps and it should cross 10000 every day.

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