Why you can’t get enough of Justin Beiber

Justin Beiber is one of the popular names in pop Music world & there are hundred die hard fans of his around the world. Beiberans have 100 reasons to go ‘ga-ga’ over him. Starting from a scratch i.e from YouTube videos & then emerging as one of the most soulful as well as a powerful Pop singer of recent times, Justin has grown a lot these few years & did a lot of things that made people love him & even consider them as their ideal. Justin is the epitome of perfection & hence there are 5 reasons why can’t get enough of him.

Philanthropy – believe it or not, Justin Beiber is a great philanthropist. He is associated with a number of charitable organizations & helps those organizations a lot. He’s associated with ‘Pencils of Promise’ a charity that builds schools in developing countries. Not only this but also organizations like PETA, Make – A ­– Wish Foundation, Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. He makes time for his ‘little fans’ that all are battling with life-threatening diseases.

Multi – talented – Yes when Justin Beiber performs on stage, for his fans it is like ‘God of Music’ is performing! Not only mere singing Beiber knows how to play drums, piano, trumpet & guitar obviously. And there are times when he plays & performs at the same time. Now, why would you not love him?

Family man – one of the main reasons why people love him so much is that despite all the fame & glamour he still has remained a family man & his mamma’s boy! He has been with the ups & downs with his family & came out victorious! He’s still grounded with the ties to his family & also loves his siblings

He has grown – Justin Beiber is one of the few singers whose growth from the initial years to the present years is being watched by his fans. His fans have watched him grow through time, they have seen him getting into scandals & coming out of it & apologizing in public for his mistakes. A true fan can rightly say that Beiber has grown more mature with time.

Loves his Fans – Justin Beiber might be one of the most celebrated singers of the time & is always surrounded by glory & fame but he loves all his fan! His fans no doubt love, adore, respect, & idealize him; girls go ‘ga ga’ over him. But he too loves his fans as he knows that it is because of his fans he stands so tall in the crowd!

These are just 5 reasons why people can’t get enough of Justin Beiber. One of the most popular Pop singer who started his journey from mere YouTube videos & then finally reaching at this position today makes it all more intriguing. Even after all these limelight, fame & glamour Justin Beiber still manages to remain a down to earth person.

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