The Do’s And Don’ts of Kissing

Kissing is an art of love. Everything you need to know is in that first kiss. Kisses can make or ruin your game forever. Many people do extremely well at the art of kissing while some just consider it as foreplay while waiting for the bigger game. Kissing should not be considered lightly as it is the first basis of a sexual relationship and the act of sensuality by making your lips touch with each other. Kisses decide whether the guy is into you or not. There are a variety of kisses which can range from short and cute ones to the long and sensual ones. Kisses do not always lead to lovemaking. Kisses are a form of bonding which can lead you to form a closer relationship with your partner seeking for a relation. Here are some dos and don’ts while kissing someone.

Things that should not be done while kissing

  1. Like it or not, kissing involves saliva. So do not even think of having a dry kiss and get away with it like you are a pro. You have to make contact with lips and tread lightly as if walking on slippery stones. Do not even have a thought of something like that of a dry kiss. It is just not a kiss thought.
  2. Do not stick your tongue inside your partner’s mouth all of a sudden. Take your time while forming a base with your lips. Concentrate on the upper or lower lip and massage them slowly with your own lips.
  3. Do not so hard that blood comes out. The appearance of blood during a passionate moment is a big turn off. So firstly nibble on your partner’s lip and initiate the sucking mechanism with your lips. The biting should be very minute and not so extreme that it destroys the moment.
  4. Do not even think about talking while kissing because it will mess up the passionate moment. Let your thoughts stay in your mind till you start sharing your experience but till then, use the lips of your partner or get your mouth shut.
  5. Do not try being too much aggressive. Love bites are good but sometimes aggressiveness can be a turn-off. So careful, you should not be too slow or too fast, neither should you be too soft nor too aggressive. Make your moment passionate by keeping everything at a comfortable pace, this will help you take it forward.

Things to consider while kissing

  1. Make sure you have chosen the correct moment. When you are looking into each other’s eyes and smiling, that is the moment for a kiss. It will be both sweet and romantic.
  2. Do not wait for your partner to kiss you. Take charge. Your partner will definitely like it when you make the move.
  3. Nibble on the lips. When you start getting naughty, it is better that you do it right. Do not jab your teeth into your partner’s lips; slowly nibble on them like a mischievous lover that you are.
  4. Close your eyes. It is an involuntary reaction; however, many tend to keep their eyes open. Do not do that because your partner might think you are not that into them.
  5. Kiss the forehead after you kiss your girl. It is a massive feeling of protection and love that you intend to show your girl how much she means to you.
  6. Use your hands too. When you are kissing, your hands must not stay with yourself. You can always do many things to turn your partner on, like playing with hair or holding the waist.
  7. If it is your first time then keep it like your first time. Longer kisses and kisses after pauses are really ok for the first timers. Make the fullest of the moment that you get. And try out anything that you feel like. It is ok to experiment when you are newbies. Just make sure to stay comfortable and forward at controlled pace.
  8. Thinking or make moves ahead is no mistake. So continue further and stop not till you require undressing yourselves!



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