What happens if you do not exercise regularly?

‘Exercise regularly’- the words that at times really irk most of us when it becomes a part of our daily routine. We all know what an asset it is for an individual to possess a great health and energetic mind. Not only does it give you a shapely structure but also your muscles retain their elasticity and therefore you feel flexible in executing any activity; be it reading, cooking, shopping, office work and any other. The effects of inactivity or detraining may vary from one person the other. However, there are some common problems that may occur if you keep yourself out of your fitness regime for a long time. Now, let us see what happens if you do not exercise regularly or even skip your work-out sessions from your daily routine!

Having sleepless nights- It has been proven through extensive observation and research that those who exercise regularly have better sleep at night and feel energetic throughout the day. Many of you may have the problem of insomnia or sleeplessness.  It is often caused due to lack of regular exercise. If you exercise every day, you will feel the benefits of a good sleep.

Slow metabolism- Regular exercise is the key to good metabolism. As you age, your metabolism gradually slows down and you need to do some extra work for burning the extra calorie from your system.  If you do not exercise regularly your RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) decreases as your body weight and mass increases. Your under-used muscles become loose and accumulation of fat takes place in due course of time. As a result down the road, your movement slows down and you feel lethargic in slightest of activities.

You feel very low and grumpy– It is unbelievable what a mood buster is a regular exercise! And when you discontinue your daily work-out, your brain gets a lesser amount of oxygen than it requires. As a result, you feel grumpy, depressed and also anxious at small issues. Some researchers argue that due to lack of transmission of the neurotransmitters like serotonin, we feel emotionally stressed.  You may develop high blood pressure and even heart problems if they are not kept under control with regular exercise.

Weak bones and joint pain- Who does not wish to have a strong muscular body even at their old age? You can achieve this just by devoting some time for exercise every day in the morning or any time of your convenience. Lack of workout will decrease your bone mass and loosens your muscles. As a result, females have a higher risk of developing osteoporosis and even osteoarthritis.  People can develop muscle fatigue, back pain and even lose their body shape. You become susceptible to small injuries and gradually your ability to work slows down if your body muscles are not stretched systematically.

Obesity becomes a chronic issue- When you do not give enough attention to your fitness regime, and become casual about your diet, you start gaining weight as you cannot burn the calorie that you have taken with food. Obesity is the root cause for many other serious ailments such as cardiac problem, cancer, digestive disorders and much more to add.  Your body fails to send a sufficient amount of oxygen to the cells of your body, as a result you run out of breath while running or walking fast or even walking up the stairs. Gradually you lose your body flexibility and maintaining a healthy life becomes harder.

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