Know How To Shave Your Balls Like A Pro

Many of us have this misconception that only women out there go for bikini line waxing, but that’s not true. Even men go for waxing & down waxing there too but unlike women men have to be bit more careful while they are shaving down there because the slightest lack of concentration can give you immense pain. According to a study conducted by the journal Urology, it is revealed that there’s a 5 fold increase in accidents caused due to shaving ‘down there’ in past eight years. So men before you proceed to shave your balls just make sure you are extra careful & don’t end up hurting your balls instead. Follow these simple hacks & make your move without hurting yourself.

  • No multitasking tools – For your own sake don’t go with a scissor that you’d used to cut your hair on the head. For there are specific scissors available in the market to cut your pubic hair. Dermatological speaking there is some kind of bacteria & yeast that surround your down lane area. So before you proceed to cut just sterilize your scissors by rubbing alcohol & go for a good scrub down there, it will sterilize the area making it safe from any kind of infections.
  • Go for the Groundwork – It is obvious that women do like their partner to be hairless. But don’t just head away with a razor down there just to impress her, think once before you do so because clearing your down lane area using razor can be painful for you in the long run as there are chances that you will get rashes, itchiness, & redness down there. As the pubic hair tends to be coarser so it would be better if you go first with trimming. Trimming prevents any kind of potential ingrown hairs.
  • Get wet & then shave – Shaving your balls when your skin is in dry condition is indeed a very bad idea. It is advisable that before your go for a shave get a hot shower. Because then it would be much easier to shave on soft skin & also the oil & dirt washes away. The chances of getting a nick down there minimize as the skin remains soft & you can easily move your razor & also the warm water acts as a lubricator so you won’t feel much pain.
  • Shave it right – If you intend to get a smooth shave then it is quite necessary to shave in the right direction. You’ve to hold your razor in the direction of the hair growth & not against it. Holding your razor in the right direction will not leave behind small unwanted hair. This also minimizes the chances of getting itchy skin & redness down there.
  • Ball cautious – Well men who are going to shave down there need to be extra cautious because when it comes down to the ball, no one would like to nick it off! So besides having guts to take a razor down there, you need to be quite careful. Doctors say that many types of bacteria & yeast are found down there so even a tiny winy nick down there can be harmful as the bacteria will get a chance to harm your balls. So be careful!
  • Clean your cut – No matter how careful & cautious you remain, 6 out of 10 men are bound to get a nick down there. If you receive a cut don’t panic too much just wash the area thoroughly with warm water, soap & as well as alcohol. If the cut is superficial place a damp piece of tissue down there & if it is quite serious then go for a doctor.
  • Moisturize it – The last step is to moisturize the place you have shaved. Use camphor or aloe vera gel to lessen the itchiness down there. As the skin down there is relatively sensitive than the rest of your body parts so there are chances that it will itch after shaving.

Thus follow the steps & be bit careful & you can go on to shave your ball like a pro!

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