How to make your deodorant last longer?

Men & women both love to smell good all the time, no one would want to smell like a yak at the end of the day. Before you go anywhere or step out of the house, we never forget to apply deodorant. One needs to put on deodorant even if it is the winter season going on because bacteria & fungus remain active during all five seasons. So for those covered areas where there is a high chance of getting bad odor due to a fungal reaction like arm pits it is advisable to apply deodorants in there. But how to make your deodorant last longer? Follow these simple things to make it long lasting

  • Put on Layers – Who does not want to smell good throughout the day long? Well, then this simple method helps your deo to stay much longer. Suppose you are using a soap that has the essence of any citrus fruit like they have the fragrance of orange or lime; so it is preferable that after the bath you go for a deodorant that has lime or a ting of orange fragrance in it. This process actually helps to hold on the scent for a longer time and it will make you deodorant last longer than normal.
  • Shake it well – This is something everyone knows as well as notices as it is printed on the bottle itself! Many of the deodorants are aerosol based so the ingredients present in it need to be mixed properly before you spray them directly to your skin. These ingredients remain in their saturated state so shaking the bottle helps them to get diluted so that it does not harm your skin.
  • Clean Up – The right time to apply your favorite deodorant is after you have taken your bath. Do not apply deodorant on sweat covered body or armpits, you are going to smell awful then. If taking bath is not a feasible option then at least freshen yourself up; clean your neck & arm pit regions with water, pat it dry & then apply the deodorant.
  • Roll it Dry – If you are applying those roll on deos than wait till they are completely dry. Unlike spray deodorants these are not water based deos, they are generally bit sticky so need a little time to be absorbed by the skin. So before you wear your clothes make sure your skin has completely absorbed the deodorant.
  • Not on Clothes – Never apply these deodorants on your dress, because then it will be of no use. These deodorants are meant to be applied directly to the skin, so if you end up spraying it on your clothes rather than your skin, then it won’t work. Perfumes are meant to be put on clothes, not deodorants!
  • Pat it Dry – This thing is absolutely a ‘Don’t’ if you want your deo’s fragrance to be long lasting. Pat yourself dry properly after the bath or if you are covered in sweat, freshen yourself up & then proceed for applying the deodorant. Because deodorant works only when the pores of the skin are open & not blocked by any kind of water or sweat.
  • Shave & apply – For girls out there, you all know that you need to keep armpits clean. Shave your armpits at least twice – thrice a week, because that hair present in armpit region captures a lot of bacteria that actually feed on the sweat & as a result of which you get body odor. So once you clean up your armpits apply the deodorant at an interval of two hours.
  • Antiperspirants – Make sure your deodorant not only gives you good smell but also had antiperspirant properties. There are many deodorants present in the market which possess such antiperspirant properties which help you to sweat less throughout the day, thus making you smell good all day long.

Those were a few simple steps that one can follow very easy to retain the smell of their deodorants all day long. Follow the ‘Do’s & Don’ts as mentioned above to make your deodorant last longer.+

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