Reasons Why You are not Losing Weight

We all want to lose weight & look ‘slim’, but when we do so i.e. start doing stuff to reduce our body weight our body fights back instantly. You might be working hard, maintaining a proper diet, hitting the gym every day still after some point of time you are finding that you are actually not losing weight anyhow. Your dream of losing weight at a time goes in a slow pace or just stops for a while. So before you freak out, you should probably know why you are not losing your weight. Here are a few reasons as for why you’re not losing weight all this while.

  • Sleeplessness – Yes this can become probably one of the a few main reasons as of why you are not losing weight. One must have a proper sleep after the whole day’s work after all your body needs rest too. So if you are not getting the proper amount of sleep then there are chances that you are likely to get obese. According to a study made it is revealed that the chances of becoming obese among adults & children are 55% & 89% respectively if they do not get a proper sleep!
  • Less intake of Water – Yes having less amount of water can stop your body from losing weight. Water helps a lot in maintaining the metabolism of the body that helps to lose weight too. Studies show that if a person intakes half a liter of water before going for his/her meals for 12 weeks then he/she tend to lose 44% more weight. Also drinking the proper amount of water helps your body to boost up the process of burning out calories by 30% over 1.5 hours.
  • Starving yourself – You may think that one of the easiest ways to lose weight is to starve yourself for days. No, you are absolutely wrong. Instead of helping you to lose your weight it will make you fall sick, your immunity power will go down & make you prone to many diseases. It is advisable that one should have the proper amount of food & sleep every day. A proper food intake will help you a lot to lose weight rather than starving yourself!
  • Less intake of Protein – Well you must not have this idea that protein is a very important factor that helps you to cut down your body weight. Studies have revealed that if you take a proper high protein breakfast or lunch or any part of the food then it lessens your craving for snacks for the whole day, as a result of which you do not end up eating too much in between your meals. The metabolic slowdown is prevented if one takes proper protein items; it also prevents your body from regaining weight.
  • Having Whole foods – You are failing to have proper healthy & whole foods. You might be thinking that it will add on to your weight but you are going all wrong having proper & whole foods help to improve your health & appetite too.
  • Eating in between – Well this can turn up to be a very crucial factor that why you are not losing your weight properly. This habit of having a small amount of food in between can affect you adversely instead of increasing your metabolic rate. It is actually a myth that eating in between your meals helps you to lose weight; studies have shown that this small eating in between does not help your body to burn up & lose weight.
  • It was all sugary – You may have prepared a diet chart where you have kept very less or no amount of sugar stuffed food. But quite smartly this sugar makes its way into your daily diet plan, in a form of protein bars or fruit juices. You might not add sugar cubes in your juice but a full glass of fruit juice there’s much amount of sugar present which is enough to hamper your weight losing.

So these were some of the reasons that slow down or stop altogether for a while your dream to ‘lose weight’. Try not to do these things & you’ll see the results yourself after a while.

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