Ways to Combat with Period Cramps

It is usual to feel little pain or discomfort around your abdomen, thighs or lower back when you are menstruating. This pain can be bothering and make your life come to a standstill.  We have come up with a list of several effective and useful ways using which you can combat with period cramps easily. Without taking much time, let’s go into the details first.

Heating Pad– A warm heat pack can always make you feel better when you get those awful cramps and aches during periods.  You can buy heating pad from the market directly or can prepare on your own.  It just takes a few minutes to prepare your own DIY heating pad. All you just need is a towel and some rice.  You can cut the towel into double layers for extra comfort and sew it by putting some rice inside it from all the corners with a sewing machine.  Microwave this towel for 30 seconds and you are ready to go. Place this warm DIY heating pad on the areas where you are feeling pain.

Take Good Sleep– It is usual to feel low and tired during those days. If nothing seems like working for you, then go and get some sleep. It has been scientifically proven that you are likely to feel tired during your period.  This is because there is an increase in progesterone levels in the body which makes you feel tired and sleepy.

Take Hot Beverages-   Rather than taking cold beverages, which you also make you feel bloated, take hot beverages during your periods. You can infuse some green tea in the warm water or sip chamomile tea.  This will relax your tummy as well as keep you hydrated.

Get Some Exercise– The idea of exercising during the periods sounds absurd.  But it is true. Exercise release beta-endorphins, which act as natural pain relievers.  But if the idea of hitting the gym does not suit you, and then you can do some yoga at your home. Twist poses can be of great help for treating menstrual cramps and bloating.

Keep Your Iron Levels Up- The reason you might be feeling your mouth dry when you are on your period could be low iron levels.  Instead of eating a high-calorie burger, consume iron-rich foods such as spinach and Kale.  These vegetables will maintain your iron levels in the body and keep you going.

Grab Some Dark Chocolate– You can also grab some dark chocolate, which will not only make you feel good but also helps you fight against cramps and aches. This is because dark chocolate contains magnesium, which is highly effective fighting against cramps.

Say No to Junk Food– Avoid consuming oily junk food when you are on your period.  Cut the consumption of salt, sugar, caffeine, alcohol and smoke. All these things can worsen up the cramps and also make your stomach bloated.   We advise you to eat healthy and light food. It will not only ease up the digestion process but also keep you in the good condition.

Follow these tips and calm your period cramps.  We hope all the above-mentioned tips will benefit you. If you have any other tip and you would like to get it added to the list, do not hesitate to comment below.




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