Why crash diet is a bad option?

Many times you need to get in shape and lose weight. Normally you can do it by many different ways but if you are preparing for a friends wedding, a bikini session, or say any family occasion and you need to cut some fat, then crash dieting is the best way to go for you. Crash dieting is the most restricted type of diet plan where calories are reduced so much that you might get only 700 – 1000 calories per day. Though crash diets might help you but they impact on your body in a very negative way. Here are the reasons due to which crash diets should be avoided –

Loss of proteins and water – When you lose weight you do not necessarily lose fat from your body. Due to crash diets, you can lose huge amounts of water from your body along with proteins. Excessive loss of water and proteins cause dehydration and weakness in body. It can also lead to foul moods and irritability. Once you break out of the crash diet you may start eating more than earlier which might cause excessive weight gain.

Crashes metabolism of the body – Crash diets make you starve. While starving your body deliberately slows down your bodily metabolism as it needs to save energy to function properly. so, as a result, your body starts storing more and more fat out of everything which you eat to compensate the minimal supply of calories. This results in gaining excess fat rather than removing it. So, at last, you would end up gaining weight instead of losing it and by doing a crash diet you would only be hindering the weight loss process.

Drops blood sugar levels – When you consume carbohydrates, insulin is produced. Insulin helps in the storage of fats. Going on a crash diet decreases the consumption of carbohydrates which in turn decreases the insulin production and thus it causes a drastic drop in blood sugar levels. If you continue to do so, the low blood sugar levels will encourage carbohydrate binging which will turn your normal carbohydrate consumption into fat storage and whatever you eat will be converted into fat and stored in your body.

Muscle loss – In a crash diet you may notice that your body is becoming skinny and your diet is yielding results but it is not at all necessary that whatever you are burning is only fat. Your muscles are also getting burnt and they are becoming weak. Continuous loss of muscle mass will make you physically very weak and you might face severe body pains over time.

Emotional side effects – Since your body is not getting enough nutrients and minerals due the crash diet, you may start facing emotional side effects such as irritation, mood swings, fatigue and might even go into depression. You might also face eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia due to which you may eat more than earlier and put on more weight.

When you need to loose more weight in short period of times you may feel crash dieting is the best option but crash dieting comes with its own side effects. Above given are some of the side effects of crash dieting which makes it a bad option to opt for.

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